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I've remembered the Seed community and specially my time on Seed a few days ago. Made a little search on google and found the old forums again.

Logged in and it says next to my nickname: "Last visit 2006-10-14 13:14:39"

Its been a long long time, and I just wanted to say Hi to everyone of you who have been with me on Seed in the past and that have maintained this community alive.

Thank you for the fun moments and congratulations.


Honestly in my opinion you have been scratching the surface:

some games in development or already out that go out of the things you see around

Roma Victor

Trials of Ascension


Falen Earth

Im not too informed about NWN2. But I know its D&D and it sucks in pen&paper so why wouldnt it suck online? i've said it before its about the community, and I do believe we can find a place we all feel confortable. URU doesnt seem like something that would appeal to me. But I can give it a look like I've done with every MMO. WoW is just too bad to be believed. Anything that forces me to combat, forces me to any action whatsoever is a dead game to me. That takes levels and all types of grinding out of the picture. if I cant acomplish something not because I cant crack it with my intelect but instead have to forcefully do any type of task in order for my character to do it I find it boring...

I know that takes out of the picture every single MMo out there

It also gives the answer why I play City of Heroes. If there's nothing out there any good you better play the one that is more fun in doing what they all do. Hack things to bits

UO is a pearl. It is probably the best ever. I havent played it for long because I didnt meat anyone worth playing with (no RPers), but I know graphics are an issue to a lot of people (tough theres the whisper that when the game makes 10 years next year it will have a super graphical modification).

Honestly, Ryzom really smells of grinding and its not about what RP there is (since some say theresa  lot and some say theres none). I had a load of Rp in WoW. But the game forced me into instances. Forced to get better armour and forced me to kill Hundreds of Defias just to get stupid bandanas after stupid bandanas.

I dont want to kill animals, I dont want to do anything, unless I feel like it. Unless my character feels like it. I have nothing against combat, just give me a reason to fight...a good reason instead of just the "Hunt" story and the "theres an invasion" story.

Second life is probably the worst idea ever...and its abominable. I've tried it for 5 minutes and uninstalled it.

To me there was only a game ever that gave you freedom to do everything you wanted
That game changed to be just like the rest
Only in Star Wars Galaxies you could live a life where you were forced to nothing. One day I entertained in the cantina, the other I bought clothes, the next I smuggled weapons and after that I fought in space. I would deliver rebel plans right after I've crafted those new boots...thats freedom, and now its gone.

You cant fightthe big corporations. they want money and people like us dont generate money. So our games are all dying or dead. But as long as we're together...every game can be fun...

I talked too much


I havent had any time to play whatsoever as some of you might have realized.

I abominate fighting in MMORPG's, so I'll probably avoid as long as I can to have combat skills until the time my character's story makes a turn and decides to have them, if that ever happens. A game that forces me into combat, I abandon.

I abominate grinding and havent done it since Shining Force II (yes, the one from Mega drive). So the last conclusion is: If I stick around I'll surelly be the least developed character of the group wich is fine by me.

I never aspire to be the best in anything and not even the second best. I aspire to represent my character and nothing more, whatever comes out from that develpoment is the final result.

I still have great doubts about Ryzom. Yet I must share with you something a friend has told me a long time ago. Its not about what the game allows you to do. Its about the amount of Rp the community wishes to do. And thats whats important in the end...no matter how combat based the game is. I'd much prefer to play a different game, but lets see how this works out.

Darkhawk's opinions are generally my own so besides what I told here I agree with his post in every sense

PS Since my computer is kinda nuts I cant install any Irc based program and so I cant meet you guys at the channel. Keep me posted

I really believe this game is like all other games out there. I do find the skill system rather interesting, but after the change in SWGalaxies and after Seed I have only palyed one MMO and that is CoH. Voted the largest Rp community, the game is still devoid of RP content. The game is all about levelling and grinding but It has a great combat feel to it. Its the only game that has given me great enjoyable time besides Seed, after SWG changed.

in SoR the grinding is just too defined. Its just the classic leveling, and why offer you the non-combat professions if you always need combat to do anything?

That said, and knowing i havent been around too much latelly ( i still have trouble finding time to play), I'd like to say im still thinking about it. I dont know if you guys know about a lot of MMORPG's that are around there, because there's more stuff out there that are probably better than SoR. Mayvbe we should open up a thread to discuss what games we find.

I really dont know right now...


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I was Kamholas, now I am Kalir, a tryker still in camp. Go seek me out folks!


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I agree with you Darkhawk, in almost everything

Yet if we want to re establish the community we have to know who everyone is and work towards gathering everybody. if we let just Rp drive us we will mostly lose a lot of people.

Of course Im all for Rp and it would be the best and most exciting way to find everyone and build from there, but the risk of losing the community is present and should be accounted for.


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I was Kamholas and kazim for a few moments in early september.


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I agree with the name. Scattered Seeds will fit into the setting of Ryzom as we are all refugees and still catch up with the reason that brought us here.


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Hey all. Since we are planning to move to Atys we must start to plan on the gathering of the members of the community. Since we start on different places acording to race I offer my service to guide all players who decide to do Trykers. I will play a tryker myself and will post my name and identity soon. All trykers who wish to stay together as we establish ourselves should call me.

More to add soon

if there are other people in the community who are sure what they will play, please post here if you wanna help the community to establish.



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Im here, and have arrived!

Camolas: installing Ryzom as he posts