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Well, games, just like any other art or entertainment, do teach values. I've not played Fable myself so I don't know what values it tries to teach or manages to teach. It'd not clear either if violent media teaches people into violence or out of it - probably both, I'd think, depending on the particular game/film and the person playing/watching it. The effect is most likely very small, but sure it's there.

In the current situation, just *having* tofu as a food in a game could be considered a vegetarian message, since it's pretty rare. Just like having female action heroes used to be.

This Sunday, I've decided not to have a session. Instead anyone interested can join in on a skill training / LogLoring session, during which I'll answer any difficult questions in order to improve the game lore. It'll start at normal hours and continues as long as we enjoy it.

So, well, please tell me your scheduling restraints here.


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64. Secret Wisdom

Breaking news! Ishi Immune to Tyler's Ailment!
  * Doctors assume genetic cause

Oh, well, change of plans then. The other things may still be there, but the birthday party of the original batch will be priority story.

Oh well, tomorrow's game is going to be about Society of Free Colonists and Zen. Eveyone who's, one way or another, indicated they're available, should be present.

Anyone else?

And, who'd be there next Sunday?

Yes, I figured we could play next Sunday. Who's in?


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62. Nothing Major (30.3.105)

(9.3.105) Floatbed Chamber Beta turned into an Isolab!
  * Off limits to anyone outside Tyler's Ailment Project
The Central Shaft elevator installation completed!
  * "None of your business" - ringleader Ami on delays

Seems my mysterious fever is over. So, let's play tomorrow.

tdb, Relay, will you be there? There might also be need for Andrea, but nothing planned.

I've fallen ill, so we may not be able to play this week either... However, if we do, it'll be about the NCC project. Those relevant to that storyline, please tell me if it's okay (normal hours).

I think this week's game will need to be skipped. Too much to do. Sorry.

Well, I guess that effectively scraps that topic. Hmm...

I think we'll do a Stayn-centric session instead.

EDIT: I'd say Stayn, Relay, and tdb would be important tomorrow.

EDIT 2: Oh, and Andrea too.

Sunday, usual hours (13:00 CET onwards).

So, the next session is going to revolve around the Newborn Care Center project. All who feel relevant to that project, please attend or tell ASAP if you can't.

I can't promise anything, but I'll see if I'll be there.

How about Friday for something small time, Dustman? And Relay maybe?

And by the way, if you have some small scene in mind, feel free to suggest a short sessionlett with me and some others. As long as it doesn't require any preparation from me.

Okay. How about you others?

Wheri: Would you be able to play next Saturday? Next Sunday doesn't work for me.


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The Age of the Obvious

From historical writings of doctor Amma Tut, Cambridge Learning Hub.

The 20th and 21st centuries, in the ancient Gregorian calendar, have been described as an age of great scientific hubris. Due to a relatively large number of scientific breakthroughs and in a relatively short period of time, people of this period believed they'd have all of the universe worked out by the end of the 21st century. They thought that, barring a cataclysm of global scale, the rate of scientific innovation could only accelerate. It is due to this attitude that many historians with a humorous inclination like to call this period The Age of the Obvious.

It is true that the people of that time made an unprecedented number of discoveries - a record never to be challenged in the times to follow. However, this wasn't due to brilliance or hard work as much as it was because the people finally agreed to let go of completely fallacious beliefs. These 'world views' had practically kept people from recognizing the most obvious aspects of the physical world throughout the preceding millennia. Hence, it's no wonder that things such as penisilline, nuclear power, and electronic computing were invented and developed so quickly.

By the end of the 21st century, this process had already slown down considerably. Discoveries were still made on a regular basis but they were further between and of lesser importance than those that came before. Hype technologies, such as quantum computers and nanotechnology were developed but they proved to have far more obstacles and limitations than predicted. One reason for this was - and still is - that the capacity of the human brain is simply limited. One needs to do more and more studying simply to understand the basic concepts science deals with these days. Recent speedlearning technologies have alleviated this somewhat, and, not surpricingly, caused another wave of unfounded hope of quick progress.

History has shown us the truth, and history will show it again.

I'm not sure how those would address this issue, Darkhawk.


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61. Layers of a Maze (10.3.105)

They say the Prospectors got a new hangaround recently. That asian girl from The Horizon, the Zen one you know? I don't know of any non-Prospectors they've accepted like that, so what's the deal? Is she also about to leave the Horizon, like all the others recently?
Where's that damn Hussein this time? He was supposed to be here by nine. I'm gonna link him...
I'm getting really pissed off by those folks! They always just hang around in the steambaths, never working at all! Maybe they should be made into test subjects next...

I think it'd actually make a lot of difference just to ignore the OOC channel when determining when to do the usual "blink and beep" effect to alert the player to the program.

You mean a sound effect meaning "Wheri! You're needed!"?

Edit: Oh, and I'm afraid the answer would be "no".