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Yesterday, an idea popped up, concerning Ryzom Ring's ability to create our own areas and adventures.

How about we, at some point, create our very own persistent headquarters to be exactly how we like it? That could be done with an R2 adventure hosted permanently on one of our computers. It'd require that someone has a server to spare, but if anyone can provide that I'd be willing to do much of the map building work.

We could start by having a simple landscape, for example, with hunting grounds of our liking. Then we could start RPing a building project to cultivate that land as our own (I'm not suggesting we'd force our RP into some sort of pioneering work - this could easily be adapted to the requirements of the story). The relatively flexible ability to GM in that area would allow us to GM events for each other, using many of the regular GMing tools. In other words, we could have any adventures we desire. If done soon, this might even solve the diaspora problem, as you can enter these adventures from any of the capitals.

I haven't tested the editor yet, so some of this might not work.

Any comments?


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I also agree with Darkhawk, about not forcing the guild. We can, after all, RP with each other even if not all our characters are a bid happy family.


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I'm playing Faeron, a Fyros warrior.

In Seed I was Neshor, Theodore, Phuriphat and Thorns.


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I had this name on the old forum too, but ingame I was Theodore, Neshor, Phuriphat and Thorns.