I agree with Norah on this. I need visual of some sort to be able to truly enjoy it. I get bored real quick if not. I sometimes like to spend time alone in an MMORPG world, to explore and adventure away from the crowd.

I must admit I don't PvP at all really. I'm hoping that TCoS will be different and  hope PvP may be something to enjoy. The games I have tried PvP in have been a real let down for me. I'm more of an explorer, adventurer and roleplayer.

I'm sorry, didn't mean to hijack anything. All I wanted to do was post what I thought would be a good game,  which I did...


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Great !!!

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Well, the devs have always stated that PVP will have a meaning. There is no point to just being able to kill another player without there being a reason behind it.
Also from the FAQ.

There will without a doubt be more than one type of PvP (player vs. player) available within the game. We will offer the ability to engage in arena battles (which, to be fair, should be seen as far more exciting than typical arena fares in other MMOs as we’ve taken measures to make them more interesting) as well as PvP during other times. The exact scope of PvP will be tested in Beta and may be server-dependant upon release.

We realize that some individuals have a great deal of animosity towards PvP systems. This is one of the "sticky points" for MMOGs, and it’s not something we take lightly. In any given discussion you will hear people screaming for "full-PvP" as well as those who claim to never need to engage another player, and who fear "griefing" will be prominent in any game with PvP. We have designed the game from the ground up with the intention to include PvP. As such it is not an afterthought or a second priority. It will be balanced as such, alongside PvE (player vs. environment) combat.

The most important thing for us in designing the role of PvP in the game was simply to make it have a reason. There’s no point in killing people for the sake of killing them. That’s an artificial thing which can only happen in a game. In reality the people playing those characters would most likely shy away from most fights, let alone shootouts. As such, we wanted to provide impetus to actually want to engage in PvP when appropriate. In addition, we wanted to make a reasonable system which penalizes inappropriate and asocial behavior. These things being present make the PvP aspects of TCoS far more "livable" for the majority of players

Sorry chaps, I didn't want to turn this into a TCoS debate.

Can I post a suggestion? www.tcos.com  The Chronicles of Spellborn is at the moment in closed beta. It's due for release Q4 this year. They have quite a mature community on the game forums. Not sure how well the roleplay will be in the game, but there are quite a few roleplayers on the forums. It's worth taking a look at as the game is rich in lore and level advancement is based on getting xp from questing, with quests that will last you through to the top levels. There will only be a small amount of xp gained from killing mobs. So there won't be much of a grind as such.


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Nosyd here and was Nosyd on the Seed forums. I played Kaylee in game.