Just received the package with all the details about the cottage. I will scan and e-mail any document if anyone wants to see them.

Upon arrival we will have to pay a guarantee deposit of 250 euros (in cash). We will get the entire amount back at the end of the holiday, provided we break nothing, and did a half-decent job cleaning up.
We could each pay a share, and get that share back again at the end, since I don't have that much money in one go. There is one problem there though: We'll need to have it on us when we enter the cottage, and it looks like me+BF are the only ones who can get the key since we have to hand in this voucher for it that I received just now. Another solution: my BF coughs up the amount and gets it back at the end, and we can share in the costs of any damages etc. which would cause him not to ge the full amount back.

Apparently France also has a tourist tax of 0,40 euro per person per day. Looks like we also have to pay that up front.

It is probably a good idea to exchange mobile phone numbers, though anyone calling me will always be speaking to my BF.

The details:
- Arrival on Saturday 26 June from 16:00. We will make sure to be there at 16:00 to receive the key since we have the voucher. That's the earliest anyone can get into the cottage too.
- We leave at 10:00 in the morning the next Saturday.
- We need to do our own cleaning of the cottage before we leave.
- We need to bring our own bedlinnen (sleeping bags, whatever you like)
- We need to bring our own towels, also kitchen towels etc.
- No pets allowed
- Gas, electricity and water are already included in the price.
- There is a fireplace, but no wood, so if we want to build a fire we'll have to scrounge some up somewhere.
- The owner's name is Mme Hélène Durif
- The cottage address is Gite du Plan Lara, Le Plan Lara, FR-26460, Bourdeaux

There are some directions to the cottage if you come by car:
From Lyon take the 'Autoroute du Soleil' (A7) south. After Valence take exit 16, Loriol. Go left in the direction of Loriol and Crest (N304). Takethe N7 for a bit and then the D104, still in the direction of Crest. After approximately 16 km, take a right at Crest in the direction of Divajeu / Bourdeaux (D538). Stay on this road all the way to Bourdeaux (app. 25 km). In Bourdeaux, go to the city centre and keep going until you see a pool (piscine) and a supermarket (Casino) on the right side of the road. Leave Bourdeaux again on this road and after leaving it, go left immediately onto a small road going upwards. Follow the curve to the left, after the curve it's the first house on the right.

General stuff about France you might need to know:

For people who are driving to the cottage: there are a lot of Péage roads (need to pay up), make sure to have plenty of coins, notes, or a creditcard that will work in France.
The cards you get on the Peage are only valid for 24 hours, so if you intend to spend a night sleeping somewhere, make sure you get off the Peage again within that 24 hours, or just use different roads entirely.
In France it's also mandatory to have one of those yellow or orange reflecting vests in your car, you can buy them at many gasstations if you don't have one.

Everyone might want to check that their plugs will fit into French sockets, and if not buy those thingies for it.

General warnings in the leaflet >_> :
make sure your passport and driving licence are still valid,
make sure your car is in working order,
don't forget your creditcard and/or bankcard,
make sure to take important addresses and phone numbers with you for emergencies,
make sure your plants, animals and mail are taken care of in your absence,
don't forget your camera,
you might want to bring a phrasebook.

There is a packinglist too, but you guys can go find or make your own tongue


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Ok, I've made the second payment. So I'll probably receive some kind of confirmation, and a few weeks before we go, we'll get all kinds of detailed information about the cottage and more stuff.


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Just a friendly reminder for those that decided not to pay the entire amount at once:

the second part (67 euro  p.p.) is due 15 May. So I'd like to ask you to send it to me before May 1 (I'm gone from May 1 to May 15, so I have to send in the money before then). Please do use Paypal this time: it takes time for the money to get to me that way, but there is no rush now, and it will cost you less. My Paypal is the e-mail address I mentioned upwards in this thread.

I forgot if I mentioned this already: Topic Travel (cottage people) notified me that I'll get all the practical info (like a map and stuff, and details) sometime in May. So I'll scan it then and e-mail it to anyone that wants it. Not before the 15th, obviously.


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As an update, Open Source is actually happening.

Not much going on yet, but you can download and get in game again already. No new content than what we've already seen.

This time my pessimistic estimate of end-of-2010 turned out to be actually pessimistic, wow!


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It's been paid already, so if you haven't already, please re-pay me the money as soon as you can manage.


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It's .com. I'm not aware if there are any hotmail addresses ending in .nl these days, but I'm sure there was only the .com version a gazillion years ago when I created this address in my very early teens big_smile.


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Quanto Solo wrote:

You (should) have mail. You can use the forum mail form to send the account data too, though.

Big thanks for going through all this cottage booking.

Sorry, I see no mail in my inbox.


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Bill just came in, I'll need you all to send me the first part very quickly, as it needs to be paid before the first of January 2010.

First, I'll need everyone to send Eur. 38,10, before January 1st 2010 (that's in a few days :S)

Then, later on you'll need to send me Eur. 67, before 15 May 2010.

Maybe a stupid reminder, but that only counts for the 8 people who will be staying at the cottage, of course big_smile. If anyone is camping at Nuala's parents' place, they'll only need to worry about the costs of travel and such.

Contact me by e-mail for account number (Asphodel_Nebula is the handle, it's a hotmail account so you know what to put after the @).

If anyone is late and we have to cover for you I'll charge interest tongue.

Edit: l'll scan the booking confirmation after christmas, if you want to see it, send me a mail and I'll e-mail it to you).

It's all set up now.

Since they miscalculated something, the price in the end is higher than what we thought, but should be fine (And it's still by far the cheapest option within a 3-hour radius from Nuala's place for 8 people).

I'll be billed soon, so I won't be able to tell you how much money you'll be transferring until I actually get the bill. We're paying part up front (soon), as a sort of safety deposit (probably to make backing out less attractive), then the rest much closer to the actual date. I'll update the thread once I know the costs.

If, after seeing the total costs per person, anyone needs or wants to back out, searching for a whole different cottage for fewer people will probably be the cheaper option. Though I anticipate that it's still within all our ranges.

We'll be needing to bring our own bedlinnen or sleeping bags, as well as towels. We're also going to have to clean up when we leave, so make sure not to make too godawful a mess tongue. Of course, we could just make the people who made the worst mess do the bulk of the cleaning wink.
Keep in mind that we'll probably need to either bring or buy along the way, certain basic groceries and such for the first day or two.

I'll make sure to scan and post any kind of useful information they send me. (Like maps and directions and such)


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Norah wrote:

URU has gone Open Source. No servers are up yet, but new developments are estimated to happen in spring. So I'm expecting them somewherebefore the end of this year tongue.

It's always a shame when your estimate turned out to be overly optimistic, while you were actually trying to be a bit pessimistic so as to not let people down.

However, I'm sure there are  also illegal servers up again somewhere like Until URU of the old days, in case anyone feels an urge to go play.


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And in case someone decides to play FE after reading all this, you could enter this code into the referral section, it will get both you and me in-game bonuses and whatnot:



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Oh yes, as for the graphics:

they don't appear to have a middle setting. If you can run them on high, they look quite beautiful, but if you can't, the game immediately looks rather bad.
Since I can run them on high, I've always thought the game was gorgeous, and I didn't know what people were talking about until I saw other people posting screenshots.
Then again, they're not horrible on low settings or anything, and the game itself is worth below-expectation graphics.

I'll post a comparison once the game goes live of my own shots and someone else's.


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Heh... never seen that many in one MMO.

http://www.globaltechatlas.info/2009/05 … es_09.html


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Nice. Did you pre-order in a store that gives early access or are you waiting until the 22nd?

Quanto Solo wrote:

Dunno if I'm Mr. or Ms. smile Vuller, so if needed name is Daniel Schupp and birthdate the 27.09.1975.

Got the week off too, so I am actually able to come and not just booking a possibly empty bed. cool

Don't know if this can be booked per bed or for everyone: If possible with 'bedlinnen', don't know yet which means of transportation I choose so less stuff to take could make things easier.

Edit: I'm really old

No, I couldn't book linnen per bed, so I chose not to book it at all tongue. But if you need to travel light you might be able to arrange to have someone else (like us? we will 90% certain be coming by car) carry an extra sleeping bag or whatever for you.

Even though it was optional during the booking, they're now asking to know everyone's birthdates after all.

So, I need them, and kind of today.

Time to admit to your ages big_smile.


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Update: FE is not that different from most MMOs, though it has no fast travel or classes (which are GOOD things). A few things might make it more pleasant to RP in than the usual MMO, but all in all I think that it will be no better, or WORSE than any other place not made specifically for RPers.

I'm enjoying the game itself, not yet bug and glitch free entirely, but apart from some Open Beta new wonkiness it feels very much playable.
I like the setting, and the game seems to have attracted a good portion of RPers, quite a few leaving other games for this.

So if anyone wants to come and RP after launch, I'll be playing. The roleplayers have their own site and forums too, though only a few of the RPers actually post there (quite a lot are members though).  http://fallenearthroleplayers.com/

I pre-booked this one, it's pretty good all around, good price (although it can change come January 1st next year, but it's unlikely to be much more expensive), well located (should be pretty close to Souspierre), has room for more than 8 if push comes to shove (it's in two parts, one part can house 6 max, and the other 4 max, and since we're with 8 anyway, both parts are already ours so we could add two more).

But the reservation shows me as male even though I clearly chose my gender as female in the booking form :S.

Edit: I figured you all might want to see what we get:
http://www.topictravel.nl/vakantiehuis/ … -08-2009/7  (in Dutch, but you can figure it out or use a crap translator)
Which is located here :  ok, maps can't be linked it seems, but enter Bourdeaux (Drôme, France), and maybe also Souspierre (Drôme, France) in google maps or whatnot.

Edit 2: Oh yeah, and I had to fill in all your names and we didn't know them all, so two of you are now called Mr. and Ms. Vuller.

Scrap that, I found one that has decent prices in the week starting from 26 June too.

Anything that late would make it a July week, which means the prices instantly soar up.

I can try for the 19-26 week, but otherwise me + BF will be cancelling.


Yes they do, or they'll be automatically excluded from the cottage at least, can't risk everyone having to pay extra if they weren't really really certain.

So, all in all the best date turned out to be Second half of June (I know some people may now be excluded, but whatever choice would have done that. Sorry).

Considering we know a date, I need to know who is coming now, and with how many.
You have until tomorrow, or I'm booking for the people who have answered this already (to be specific, that was just one person, over IRC, which is fine too).


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It's one of those wonderful Amanita Design adventure games, only this time it's a 'real' game, full length.

It's coming out this year and pre-orders are now open!



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I'm playing the beta and will be playing retail. I won't be doing much RP or picking a char (except hogging the name I want) during Open Beta, but if you want RP after it launches, well, maybe our chars might just meet up.

I won't be looking for RP (i.e. doing stuff my char wouldn't normally just so I can RP) or hanging out in some tea-party RP-cafe where my char wouldn't set foot for IC reasons though.
I'll just play the game as is if I don't find RP along my chosen path.