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Once, a long long time ago, I played Lavender, a matis girl without most of the ego. A lonely RPer in Ryzom. She's dead now. Died in a horrible hunting accident involving Kitin. Put up a gravestone, or pretend to find it, maybe, in game.

You should try URU Live once it comes out then, it'll be free to try for an unlimited time.
I just don't play games that have PVP if it means I'll miss out on either gameworld areas or part of the gameplay, like outposts in Ryzom.

Oluf wrote:

Nosyd it wasnt meant like that i think...of cuase you shoudl post your suggestions big_smile

Personally i dont mind that threads go slightly off topic from the original post - as long as the discussion is good and mature there is nothing wrong with going off topic imo.

The game I suggested, Age of Cona, is also quite PvP heavy. Just like darkhawk I dont mind PvP if there is a meaning too it.

I actually really hate it that I can't do PVP. I really wanted to try Age of Conan, but had to give it up when I saw it was going to have PvP

It's ok, if it gets too bad we can always have an admin delete any OT posts. Or separate them into their own thread.


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yay!   big_smile

Yeah, but, I just don't want PvP, period. I can't play games that have PvP implemented like that. WoW was ok on normal/RP servers since it was limited to battlefields, but games like SoR and TCoS have whole areas of free-for-all PvP, and they always happen to be areas with resources you just can't do without. I don't like whole areas of a game being closed off to me, so I don't play these games at all.

And when I say can't I mean can't. I can't take the tension that PvP brings with it for me, physically.


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I'd like to be able to have a reasonable-size picture in my sig, but if the majority doesn't like that (plenty of forums where people don't want to see pics in sigs), that's fine.

You can set a maximum size for sigs, probably, so it doesn't get out of hand.


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Oh, and here's the official GameTap trailer:


and there's a whole bunch of other (fan made) URU videos on YouTube as well.


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Are pictures in signatures allowed/turned on for this forum?

Nosyd wrote:

Can I post a suggestion? www.tcos.com  The Chronicles of Spellborn is at the moment in closed beta. It's due for release Q4 this year. They have quite a mature community on the game forums. Not sure how well the roleplay will be in the game, but there are quite a few roleplayers on the forums. It's worth taking a look at as the game is rich in lore and level advancement is based on getting xp from questing, with quests that will last you through to the top levels. There will only be a small amount of xp gained from killing mobs. So there won't be much of a grind as such.

Also PvP ties in with the economy since certain areas like mines and caves where players can gather important resources are mostly PvP zones.

There are many plans to further build on the PvP gameplay that will be available at release.


from a FAQ on the site there...


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The Great Tree is making a series of small videos about the events that transpired in the previous URU-Live (The storyline in the new URU-Live will pick up from there, so they are not going to discount everything that happened before). If anyone is interested in URU, and knowing more about what happened before, before they enter the new URU-Live this december.


And here's a fan-made trailer:


Kryigerof wrote:

Is it still about contemporary people in a very strange land?

It's about contemporary people who've more or less joined an archeological excavation/restoration. The city you go to is actually on Earth. You link to ages that are not though. Anyway, the city (not a land) is abandoned, but it's no stranger than walking around, say, pompei (wow, what's is it with me and pompei that it keeps popping up?). Only more buildings have been left intact. And we know only a little bit less about this city and the people that used to live there as we know about the old Pompeians.

BUT, I hear you own the offline game URU? Then I'd strongly recommend you try Until URU (is sort of an MMO). You see, when the old URU Live died, the fans just couldn't stomach it, and they got their hands on the game whatever (all with Cyan's permission), and put the game back online as it was. So you can now go (if you own URU - ABM), to the online game almost as it was before it died, and give it a little try. To do this you need only install a patch over your game, ask for and receive an access code, and then you can play (it's free).
Keep in mind that it is NOT the old URU Live, there will not be the NPC-actors from Cyan, there will not be any new content, any new developments. It's simply the old world put back online for people to wander through.

Also, people seem to get confused over this an awful lot, so I'll mention it: Until URU is not the new URU Live!!
It's sort of like a shadow of the old URU Live, which died. The new URU Live that will be released this fall, is still in development, closed beta, at the moment.

So, if you're interested, I can provide you with the links and instructions and whatnot. I'll even join you in Until URU, have to obtain a new access code myself though, because I sort of lost my old one when we moved house and got a new computer a couple of months ago.

Hmm, it seems we've hijacked this thread, we should maybe have made a new one...

Kryigerof wrote:

Sounds like a nice game then. But my list was far from complete, of course. URU, for instance, (played the single player game) gives a rather artsy, surreal, dreamlike feel, which is not for everyone (could be for me).

Yes, but that's caused for a large part by the absence of people, when you're playing a game offline that was meant to be an MMO. I played the offline portion first, and then joined the URU Live prologue, and the difference in atmosphere was staggering. Having other people with you in those places makes a world of difference.

There won't be an absence of people in the new URU Live. Won't even be an offline portion you have to play before you can go to the online portion, you just go straight to the people. I think that they thought that was one of the reasons the game failed the first time around: people who were expecting an MMO being forced to play an (albeit very small) offline adventure game on their own first.

Kryigerof wrote:

We'll never find a game everyone will like, I'm afraid. There's too many factors to consider. Unless there's another non-combat sci-fi cartoon game with time-based skill system, RP-friendly community, cute chimbots, and the possibility to affect the development of the world, we're out of luck.

Well, apart from the chimbots and the skill system (the old URU had no skill system at all, and I don't think they've made any radical changes for the new URU Live) and the cartoon looks (definately not cartoony, but, it's very beautiful), the above would describe URU Live pretty well (yes, it's actually sci-fi, far more than fantasy, there is a technological/made-up scientific explanation for any magic-ish occurances, but we could go for a mix leaning heavily towards sci-fi if someone wants to be picky). tongue big_smile


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That's because it's the same game, you needed the single player game to be able to play the first URU Live. The game now known as URU, an offline adventure game, was actually meant to be just the small offline portion of a huge MMO (which failed).

I imagine the new, upcoming URU Live won't look that much different though (and you won't need the single player version to play it).


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I found some old Ryzom screenies, and some URU screens as well. Though the new URU-Live will be slightly different from the old URU, I've heard them say several times it will look largely the same, so these screens can also serve to give you the general look of URU Live (though my screens hardly have any people in them, and Live will be full of them. But this is what URU's graphics are like, the locations are very diverse, I've only got screens from 2 or 3 locations here).

http://img276.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=s … 712aa8.jpg


And a link to a gallery of screenshots someone made of a wedding ceremony we held in Ryzom a long long time ago, for the leader of my old guild:



at least they have been lucky enough to find a game they like, unlike me!

Yeah, I've had no such luck either. Well, I have, but URU's not actually out yet.

I tried Second life for a little while too, saw it was on your list here, but I have to say that that was by far the worst MMO I've ever played. Had nothing but bad experiences...

Ryzom might have changed (RP-wise) since I last popped in there, of course, but I hear about its develpoments from some old guildmates who still play sometimes, and I didn't think much had changed, apart from that Ryzom Ring thing finally getting somewhere. The things I've always liked a lot about Ryzom are the people, and the graphics. It's such a pretty game (except for those trykers tongue. You know who you are, you ugly little monkeys). I started playing Ryzom because my old MMO had just died (the first attempt at URU Live), and a lot of former neighbourhood people and Great Tree people that I knew were moving on to it. Like some of you are doing now. Back then it was still in beta and they promised it would be a very different game from what it is now. This feels so much like deja vu to me big_smile. I kept on playing it for about a year after launch, all in all, but not for a year straight, I kept leaving and coming back. Nevrax almost went bankrupt during the development of Ryzom too. That's partly why it turned out so different from what they once said, they hired someone, blah blah, and then they suddenly introduced PvP while they'd always said they wouldn't... To attract more people most likely.

I hope those of you who go to check out URU, like what they see. I can recommend some good fan trailers/movies about old Live, so you can see what it used to be like. But if you're a forum-reading kind of person you'll probably find them yourself soon enough.

I also noticed some roleplaying been little "choosy" about the games. Example if we look back to Seed.

What did make Seed so that most roleplayers did like it?

1. Interesting setup of story.
2. Good roleplaying support from GM's and game developments.
3. Nice comic looks (not really important)
4. A lot of other roleplayers.

What did make Seed hard for non roleplayers?

1. Almost notting to do, just three option: repair, produce, doctoring
2. Roleplayers did not talk to You, if You wheren't talking right.
3. Technical quality of game client below standards.
4. A lot of bugs and lags

If You look what I have choosen there, You may disagree, but the main point is that roleplayers doesn't really care the game functions. It's all about the people community it self. So looking game isn't really looking game, but ability have intresting story and place to talk.

I've always felt like story=game. I care about the gameplay and functions, but if it's not tied in with the storyline it means nothing to me, and I get bored. I want a reason for the things I do aside from getting more gold and better gear. URU and Seed were perfect in this way; everything you did in URU, was to learn more about the history and current story. The exploration, solving of puzzles, it was all connected to the story, the history, and, well, everything. In Seed, Labspace was about to collapse if we didn't repair it and clean it up. We had reasons to do things in these games. In games like SoR and WoW, I killed and killed monsters, I did quest after quest, but what did it get me? Hardly any of the quests were tied in with the storyline, and now we get to something equally important: Even if you did get a quest that revealed more about what happened in the gameworld, it meant nothing. Countless people before and after you would do the exact same quests. It was all incredibly static. Nothing changed, your influence on the gameworld and story alike, was entirely absent. While in both Seed and URU, you were actually part of it all, you influenced it all, not just someone running through it all trying to get some more gold.

You may disagree, but the main point is that roleplayers doesn't really care the game functions. It's all about the people community it self. So looking game isn't really looking game, but ability have intresting story and place to talk.

Anyway, games with just one of the two don't work for me. I need both aspects, completely intertwined, to like a game.
Just gameplay, no story, no RP? Booooorring.
Just RP/story, no gameplay? Just as bad. I'll just go read a book instead. Or make up my own story.

Heh, so yeah, I did disagree, but you did say that it was allowed big_smile.


I see you all decided to give Ryzom a try. I came from there before starting on Seed (played WoW and Ryzom before Seed, as far as combat MMOs go). And I didn't like it enough to pay for it. I loved the community, despite it being very very low on RP. It was mature and for the most part pleasant. However, I hated the combat. I couldn't focus on being just one thing, and the grind was horrendous, by far the worst I've seen in a game so far. The quests were really bad. And the RP was, apart from a very small group of people, absent. To put it shortly, the game bored me nearly to death, only my friends in the community kept me there for a while, and not for the RP I had with them, because I hung out with non-RPers in Ryzom. All in all I preferred even WoW over Ryzom, since I liked the gameplay better and the quests were not bad at all, if a bit repetitive. The community was not as good, but you could find decent people, and on the RP servers, the level of RP was even slightly higher than that in Ryzom. By the way, not to discourage anyone from playing SoR, I did stick with it for 2 years (on and off). If you want to play an MMO right now, then I'd say choose between SoR or WoW, BUT... There is another non-combat, RP-heavy game nearing completion, due this December and so far it's going on schedule without delays. It's URU-Live (Myst online).


Not everyone will have enjoyed Myst, but URU isn't much like it at all. It's an MMO, for one, and the solitary feel of the Myst games just can't be preserved in an MMO (which is what a lot of people disliked about the Myst games, I hear). I played the original, failed, URU-Live prologue (this coming URU-Live is their second attempt, after Cyan almost went... bankrupt... after the first URU Live had to close down some 4 years ago. Sound familiar? Yes. That story sounds an awful lot like Runestone's, only Cyan isn't a young company, and the Myst series was very popular, and they DID manage to find new funding, where Runestone failed, sadly. They've made that mistake too and managed to struggle back up and are going to do it right this time big_smile) and that was the best MMO I have played, alongside Seed. It was very RP-centered, even the devs did not communicate with the players OOC-ly, instead they communicated via the in-game faction of the DRC, even all the new content etc that was nearing readiness was presented IC. There were hardly any NPC's, mostly they had actors play the DRC, much like AD played the TSR and others. You won't even have to solve puzzles in the new URU Live either, not if you don't want to (in the original URU it was required to solve a puzzle section alone before joining the rest of the online community, but not in the new URU, you go straight to all the other people in game). And even in the original URU solving puzzles was not the whole of the gameplay. There was the marker-hunt, for instance. Anyway, I ramble.

So, what I wanted to say, I just hope you all come and at least give it a look once it's out. It will be available free in a limited manner much like Ryzom, though not as restrictive, I think you'll have access to more places than the free Ryzom, as a non-paying player of URU.

Well, this was of course, shameless URU Live promotion, but I just love the game so much, already, and it's not even out yet (I had that with Seed too). So I hope to see many of you there around Christmas time, when it's due to be released,


ps. oh yeah, almost forgot: I'm Liath over at the URU Live forums, just like I used to be at the Seed forums.

pps. Oh, and for those of you who want to stick with SoR, feel free to ask me about how the RP used to be, etc big_smile. I still have a ton of stories over at some Ryzom fan forums, and I remember a fair bit of history/RP, etc.