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Welcome back, so to speak smile.


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Seconded! smile

[big]Marinated courgette (zucchini)[/big]

This will serve two people or one Darkhawk.


- 2 (large) courgettes (it's easier for this dish if they are as straight as possible)
- 6 tablespoons olive oil
- 6 tablespoons lemon juice
- 4 garlic cloves, minced
- salt
- pepper


Preheat oven to about 200 degrees C.

Wash the courgettes, and cut them up (lengthwise) into slices of approximately half a cm thick.

Mix olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, salt and pepper in a bowl.
Put some of this mixture on both sides of a courgette slice, and put it into an oven dish (put some non-stick paper underneath it so it won't stick to the dish/bowl/whatever you're putting it in). Do this with every courgette slice. If you have too little of the marinade, make some more. If you have some marinade left at the end, just pour it over the slices.

Let the slices sit for 5-10 minutes, then put them into the oven until the top ones are slightly brown (or until you think they're done).

If you like, you can easily add other ingredients to the marinade, like chopped up fresh herbs (I had a great time with thyme).


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I wonder if they also programmed in all the tofu-shovelling good characters developing Alzheimer's at age 60 (or sooner).

[big]Christmas Cookies[/big]

I made these this year and everyone liked them (so if you like cookies in general you'll probably like these big_smile).


- 125 g butter (unsalted)
- 100 g (dark) brown sugar
- 4 tablespoons honey
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
- 2 heaped teaspoons ground ginger (or use however much you prefer)
- 5 cloves (ground/powdered as fine as you can manage) (or as many as you prefer)
- 1 egg
- pinch of salt
- flour (I don't know how much of it I use, but I just add it at the end until the mixture is the right consistency)

[death]and for the icing:[/death]

- juice of 1 lemon (or half a lemon, if you prefer)
- 250 g icing sugar
- the white of 1 egg


Preheat oven to about 170°C.

Put the butter and the sugar in a bowl, and beat them together for a while (I use an electronic hand mixer, highest setting).

Add the egg, the honey, the baking powder, a pinch of salt, the ginger and the cloves to the butter and sugar mixture. Beat everything together for a while (again).

Add some flour (dont start with too much), stir that in with a spoon (or use your hands). Repeat this last step until the dough is the right consistency; meaning, until it isn't very sticky anymore, you need to be able to roll out the dough with a rolling pin (or with your hands) to cut shapes out of it without the dough getting completely stuck on the rolling pin (or your fingers).

Cut nice shapes out of the cookies (I like doing stars and moons; I cut the shapes out of some cardboard or whatever, and then put them onto the dough and cut around them with a sharp knife to get the shapes I like). Or just roll flat round cookies, or whatever you like.

Put cookies in oven for about 15-20 minutes.

When the cookies have cooled down entirely, it's time to prepare the icing. Put the white of 1 egg into a bowl. Add the icing sugar a little bit at a time, while beating/whisking with a small whisk. After that, whisk in the lemon juice. Heat the mixture for just a bit (I put it in the microwave for 30 secnds, highest setting). Let it cool a little bit, then beat it with an electronic stickmixer or handmixer, until it's nice and thick (think enough that it won't dribble right off of your cookies before it's dry when you decorate them). If it won't thicken properly, add more icing sugar.

Now put it on your cookies. I use this flask that you can squeeze that has a pretty small opening to 'draw' decorative lines onto the cookies. Icing bags or icing syringes don't work so well for me when I have to make cookie decorations, the stuff just comes out in big blobs and I have to use both hands to operate the things so I can't hold the cookie.... it just doesn't work.

Wait a while (a few hours for me) for the icing to dry (or just eat them while the icing isn't dry yet big_smile).


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That'll do, Wheri. That'll do. big_smile


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Where is this from? And tell us a bit about this pic in particular once you recognise it.



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All those pics are from the Noob comic site.

(edit: omfg, I visit that at least 3 times a week)


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Yes it is. So, fire away with the next pic! tongue



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So many guesses, and they're all wrong! big_smile

I'll post another picture part, and if no one gets it after that one, I'll start on hints. But you'll get it now.



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Even though no one can be arsed to make even a single guess, I'm posting a second pic tongue.



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What's this?



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It's Monkey Island's Stan!

I think from 3.


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Under cartoons, I've watched all of Saladfingers.

[big]Ham & Cheese Rolls[/big]
[small]a totally unhealthy snack[/small]

- white bread dough, enough for 1 normal size bread (use a mix from the store for 1 normal sized white bread if you cannot make dough yourself)
- ham slices
- cheese slices

Preheat the oven to about 200 degrees celcius
Prepare the dough as you normally do, or according to the box. Roll out the dough into a square (or rectangular) shape, about 1 cm thick (depends a bit on preference). Cover it with the cheese slices and ham slices. Cut up the douch with ham and cheese into strips of about 1-2
cm wide. Roll up each strip. Put the rolls into the oven until they are done. If you don't know how long to put them in, check up on them often or look up baking times and such for small breadrolls and such on the internet.

Will edit post for picture(s) later.


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And another one by me...


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Sitting in a corner of the Yrkanis bar, deserted at this hour, the girl is busy creating something. Around her, rudimentary but numerous equipment for the creation of living objects is stalled out. Something small is slowly taking shape. Next to her, beyond her equipment, lies a small pile of similar objects. At one step of the process, a frown appears on her face, and with an annoyed expression she throws the current small object onto the pile.


The girl holds the reins of a mektoub packer. She walks it out of the Yrkanis gates and turns left. The ground is covered in a layer of snow. After a short walk through heavy snowfall, they reach an area near the edge into the cloudy void that is almost completely clear of any wildlife, apart from a few yubos.

She takes out a small object. It reveals itself to be a whistle when she blows a few experimental notes on it. Running a few feet away, she blows one clear note on the little whistle, then yells and gestures for the mektoub to come to her. It doesn't move on the first try. The girl does not stop at one try, though. Eventually the beast gets the idea, and comes when she yells. Digging in her bag, she fishes out a treat and feeds it to the mektoub. She keeps going, keeping up the exact sequence of whistle - yell and gesture (if needed) - reward (if it came to her). After some time she stows away her little whistle and leads the beast back to the stables.


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Finally found something I thought was worth writing about again, so yeah, new post in RP forums by me too.


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The young woman is standing not far from one of the buildings in Yrkanis, the kind that contains homes for homins. She turns her head to look at its many windows and outcroppings. Then she holds up the small bag she had been carrying, weighing it. Her expression turns wistful and a little pained.

After tucking away the bag somewhere deep inside her pack, she stalks off in the direction of the Karavan Altar. Once there, she stands some ten metres or so away from the place where homins are teleporting into the city. Her face intent, she scans the crowd of people coming in. About fifteen minutes later, her expression turns resigned and a little sad, and she walks away.

Now she stands near the Yrkanis gate and the city's official welcomer, some hope still shining in her eyes. Again her eyes move over the crowd of people coming into the city, head and neck straining slightly this way or that. Some time goes by before she heaves a sigh, shakes her head, and heads out of the city.


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And new post by me... again tongue


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The young woman is curled up in her bedroll, on the floor in the back of the Yrkanis bar. She tosses and turns. Her face is dotted with tiny beads of sweat, and her cheeks are flushed red. A frown plays around her eyes. The corners of her mouth curl downwards, stretch to the side in a slight grimace, then her lower lip twitches a bit. Her arms move restlessly. One of her hands, curled into a fist, hits the floor beside her bed and she startles awake.

As she half sits up, leaning on one elbow, she looks around blearily, wearing a surprised expression. A look of sleepy realisation settles on her face, and she lies back down. For a while she stares at the ceiling, until her eyes close again. This time there is no wild tossing and turning, just the occasional movement and twitching of limbs. Eyes and forehead look relaxed, cheeks pushing slightly upwards to give her eyes a pleased air. Her lips settle into ever so slight a smile and the red of the heat on her cheeks turns into a blush.


A ragus spots her as she is standing on a hill overgrown with bulbous plants. It charges at her, barking and growling. She is wearing magic amplifiers. At the sounds, she quickly turns towards the beast. Showers of acid burst forth from her hands. The ragus keeps coming, regardless. Not long afterwards, it collapses, right at her feet. She looks down on it, face set in a contemplative expression.


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New piece on RP forum.


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She watches as two Matis men stand opposite eachother, talking. Their faces express dislike of eachother. Sometimes one sneers, laughing derisively. After a while, one leaves, saying a few words to her before walking off. The one that stays wears a pleased expression, and she walks with him to the stables of Davae. He gives her dappers, and she buys a packer mektoub after looking the ones on sale over for a while.

A Fyros man comes walking up, looking angry. He speaks to the Matis man, voice hard. After looking from one man to other, she walks over to her mektoub, and takes the reins. The beast stands still as she pulls on the reins, then pulls harder. Walking around to its backside, she pushes it instead. It does not move. She takes out a large sword, and slaps the flat of the blade against the mektoub's backside. It starts walking. During all this, she exchanges a few words now and then with the Matis man who had gifted her the packer.

She nods at both men, then walks off leading the mektoub by the reins. Underneath the gate she goes, following the road for a short while, then going cross-country until Yrkanis. She walks up to the stables there, and finds a free spot for her new beast of burden.