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Trail or not, because i don't have a credit card, many of the smaller mmorpgs are out of my reach. Those that support direct debit stuff tend to be rather expensive, so MxO seems to be off-limits for me due to payment method restrictions.

Availability of pre-payed cards is one of the main reasons is stick to WoW, NC-soft have them aswell, but their games never seem to keep me interested for long times on end.

And ArchLord is just in the "don't bother" category, hopefully the upcoming WAR will bring change to that.

Do any of you have the same problem or are you all "proud" holders of visa, mastercard, american express, etc?

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Re: MMO: No Credit Card Blues

Right here Midragar. Having no credit card is an utter b*tch when you're always doing things online.

Give SCO a whirl, it's free and has a neat combat system. But avoid the M-gear at all costs, it's broken beyond belief so it isn't playable.

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I used to have the same problem, for years. You could ask your relatives or friends to subscribe to a game for you, and just give them the cash in advance. And some games let you activate the free month with your debit card number, if they don't do a proper check on the card before any charges. You could also get an online friend to activate your account for you, since the account details don't save the full credit card number. Just give them your game account password and have them subscribe (and cancel so there are no recurring fees). You can then change your password afterwards.

EDIT: Also, christmas is coming, maybe you can ask Santa for a subscription to something... wink

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Re: MMO: No Credit Card Blues

I didn't have a card for quite some time, which was the sole reason for not playing official/paid MMO's. Basically, I got one just to play Seed back in April. Still, not everything accepts Electron, and it's a pain to use it for I-net.

I think I may go through the trouble of getting something like PayPal and subscribing to a game for someone, if that'll be any help.

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