Topic: Discussion

I feel that if we want to keep this community going, we need more and better discussion here on the forums. Most other roleplaying-related (not MMORPG) forums have all kinds of topics ranging from off-topic chit-chat to philosophising about different roleplaying methods, theories, game systems, you name it. On this board it seems right now that the most interesting thread is the image game.

So, any thoughts on how to get more conversation going? The obvious answer, of course, is for me to start some threads, but I find it hard to come up with interesting topics. So, what kinds of things would be interesting to the MMO roleplaying masses?

Re: Discussion

Well, I could mention that last night I found what appears to be another community very much like ours:
played an RP-heavy MMO, the MMO died, the community set up something for itself and is now, I think, also a sort of all-round RP community.


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