Topic: Tower Engineering Society

Name: Tower Engineering Society
Formed: 4.5.102
Organization: Hierarchical
Leadership: One Leader (permanent)
Status: Active

Tower Engineering Society focuses on keeping the Tower functional and increasing our productivity. Even though we do more than our share of routine maintenance work, we specialize on large-scale repairing projects that improve the quality of the systems, instead of simple juryrigging. We also have extensive knowhow on building reliable and efficient factory lines for production purposes.

If you wish to join us or share in our knowhow, just contact one of our members - you'll be shown to whoever can help you.

McGregor - leader
Oliver - handler
Ahoyo - handler
Polina - hander
Twotwelve Three
((72 members altogether))

Re: Tower Engineering Society

Name: McGregor
Job: Chief Engineer

Re: Tower Engineering Society

Name: Lhi
Job: Engineer

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Name: Zahra
Job: Engineer