Topic: Fear the Boot

I thought I'd throw down on this because I've basically become an Fear the Boot addict in the past few weeks. Since most probably haven't heard of it, it's a great round-table discussion of table-top and role-playing games. I originally found the show through Shamus Young's Twenty Sided interview with them, but I finally got around to listening to it just a short while ago, and it's actually really interesting, even for someone like myself who hasn't gamed in almost 6 years. Anyways, anyone who wants to check this out, and I know my post has been a shameless plug, their podcasts are located at

And yes, I did say 'throw down' in this post. It's 3 AM here and I'm puzzling over Nuala's inclusion of an 'Ajouter un post-scriptum' below the text entry section.

Re: Fear the Boot

Yes, I fear the bots too sad, what? You're not talking of spambots? :sweat: