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Figured that a forum like this might be useful...Hope no one minds but hopefully this could keep out some of the random chat from some of the other forums smile


Anyways, I recently stumbled upon this game called DEFCON. Basicly its about blowing eachother up with nukes.... Its from the makers of Uplink if that rings a bell at anyone.
There is a demo and the full version is only ~15 usd. I suggest checking it got an interresting feel to it but not that many gameplay hours in it i fear.
I paid for the full version becuase i thought it was one very cool idea and also to hep support the company. They have put out 3 games in total now, all of which got some very interresting and new gameplay ideas so I dont mind supporting them smile


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Well, I have the demo, so if someone as new at it as I am wants to give it a try - why not nuke the hell outta me?

RP in MMOG's looks like this when trying to base it on in-game activities:
"Let's go <activity>!"
"Yay, <activity>!"

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I have the full game and well.. It totally rocks! Nothing like a quick thermonuclear war to let out some steam (no pun intended as you can buy the game from Steam)... tongue Anyone up for a game can just gimme a shout! smile

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I've been playing the demo a lot these last few days, and I'm planning to upgrade to the full version as soon as I have spare money. It really gets the feel of a nuclear war right, as if two people stood ten feet away with fully-automatic weapons and held the triggers down to see who dies first. And yet, it's so compelling... There's a definate strategic element to it, and you can't help but feel that there must be a way to wipe out your enemy whilst not getting hit yourself, if only you could get everything arranged right. But no matter how well it goes, the nukes get through- and you try again, but with a modified plan.

I actually got most of the way through a game against an AI opponent once without taking a single hit. I'd taken out the silos, smashed their radars and airbases, and weathered their ICBM barrage without a single nuke getting through my defences. So I ordered the full strike, and as the nukes went up, the submarine fleet which had been hiding off my coast fired its MRBMs... I still won, but so much for the victory at no cost to myself. It seems that the nuclear war could be won in the same way that you could win a game of Russian roulette with five chambers loaded... Theoretically possible, but you'd never want to try it for real.

PM me if anyone wants to try a game. It'll be interesting to see how play goes against a human opponent.