Topic: Seed Dump - Sekra's old stash and my contribution

Hey all,

This is likely to be a real shock for most of you and out of the blue. I come across an old hard drive from when I was at Uni and found all the Seed dump Sekra gave me for when I tried to backwards engineer a server through the ICE networking.

All the old videos and images are still on there and even the old wikis. If I see people are still 'floating' about on here I will resurrect the wiki on Digital Ocean. I think the game deserves to be remembered.

So yeah, I have uploaded all the files onto my Onedrive. Feel free to download and consume all the nostalgia: … =folder%2c

Re: Seed Dump - Sekra's old stash and my contribution

Well, I also still have all the Seed stuff somewhere backed up, but I don't think I had the ICE networking stuff in there, so I downloaded this. Huge thanks!

I am one of the few who still hangs out on IRC on work days, together with Darkhawk, Norah, Mehken, Sekra and of course Chimpbot smile