Topic: Other RP communities

What other communities/websites etc dedicated to roleplaying in MMORPGs do you know? Are there other communities similar to ours that we could cooperate with? I find it very unlikely that we'd be in any way unique in this agenda.:)

Re: Other RP communities

I think that most Rp communites are focused on one game.

But you are right...there must be others. No doubt we will be learning about em with time as well.

Re: Other RP communities

Seems to me we might be doing something no others are doing. Seems to me we have struck gold. Seems to me we can completely ruin our RL if we want.

I love the idea of having one place on the web where online RP'ers can gather and go into games together. I'd also love the idea of a universal ruleset on IC/OOC (as long as it is possible), such as the one we use with brackets for OOC, * for emotes, and so on. Mhh, joy!

Re: Other RP communities

Oh yeah, let's go out and bring structure and order to the online RP community! :shock:

But I think that most other RP communities are indeed focused on just the one game all their members are playing. Haven't yet found any that span a lot of games, anyway.

*goes to look some more*

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