Topic: The Watch

Name: The Watch
Formed: 20.12.102
Organization: Hierarchical
Leadership: One Leader (permanent)
Status: Active

We're a ring dedicated to monitoring and improving the Tower's condition. We constantly patrol the critical subsystems to keep them from falling into disarray. We also keep investigating ways to access parts of the Tower we've not been able to access before, to locate and take care of risks that would otherwise go unnoticed. Our operation is currently focused in the Recspace area, but we help out in many damage-control projects all over the Middle Cluster.

If you want to do something concrete to help us all survive these perilous times, contact Laura, Khalid or Sara, and join the ranks of The Watch!

Laura - leader
Khalid - handler
Sara - handler
Beti (medic)
Edik (dead)
((112 members altogether))

Re: The Watch

Name: Laura
Position: Leader

Re: The Watch

Name: Sara
Position: Handler

Re: The Watch

Name: Jake
Position: Ringmember