Topic: Dreamers of Gaia

Name: Dreamers of Gaia
Formed: 4.9.101
Organization: Organic
Leadership: Single Leader (elected)
Status: Active

The Seed project was launched for a reason - to carry life away from its womb on Earth, onto all planets that can sustain it. That is our purpose as well - to turn Da Vinci from a frozen desert into a lush garden, a little sister of Earth, where our children and grandchildren can roam free of the confines of artificial habitats - a life worthy of humankind. We will not settle for anything less, and that should be understood by all who join us or work with us.

We will achieve terraforming by analyzing and correcting the errors of the original terraforming plan. For that we need to gain access to the full records of the centuries before us. Thus, the primary goal of the Dreamers of Gaia is to regain access to the databases in the Lower Cluster.

If you wish to join our effort, contact our leader Cassia, or one of our handlers.

Cassia - leader
Jennifer - handler
David - handler
Lorne - handler
((34 members altogether))

Re: Dreamers of Gaia

Name: Cassia
Position: Ringleader