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I begin to wonder about a place to sleep, the more obvious place is of course a hotel, I was wondering if sleeping all in the same hotel would not help to negociate better prices. To see if it's possible, we need someone with negociation skill and how many people are concerned.

Please tell here if you need a room and how many time.

Nuala & BF: a double room for friday and saturday
Miho: room for friday and saturday
Darkhawk: room for friday and saturday (confirm?)
Quanto: Room for friday, saturday, maybe sunday

Of course we will need something cheap, clean, not too far from the train station and from the bar.

Re: Aarhus hotel

This place
is ok standard... Nothing fancy at all though. The kind of place where budget tourists, backpackers and visiting public schools stay for the night while they visit Århus... But its clean, cheap and not too far away from everything.

Dont take my word for it though - I dont really know much about the quality or prices of any other places here...

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I'm booked in here for the saturday night:

Best Western Hotel Ritz … anguage=en

The price wasn't bad and Bifrost just told me the food was excellent when he stayed there!