Topic: The Da Vinci Collaboration

Name: The Da Vinci Collaboration
Formed: 13.11.102
Organization: Hierarchical
Leadership: Democratic
Status: Active

You've probably heard of us: despite our small numbers we're everywhere in the Tower. We take it as our duty to work with everyone and everywhere. Our dream is a unified Tower without conflicts or squabble, and we work towards that goal through understanding and mediating. Our work can be best seen in the monthly Ringleader Meetings, which we've organized and chaired since it was held for the very first time.

We recruit only those willing to take the role of diplomats, so our numbers are few. We have allies and contacts, however, in all parts of the tower and every imaginable aspect of a colonist's life. If you wish to apply for membership or become part of our network, contact any one of us.

Reneb - leader
Bahar - handler
Tianyi - handler
Bero (dead)

Re: The Da Vinci Collaboration

Name: Reneb
Position: Spokesperson

Re: The Da Vinci Collaboration

Name: Bahar
Position: Secretary