Topic: The Portable Airlock at the NCC

Sara, The Watch

People have asked questions about why there's a portable airlock at the point where the tunnel forks to the construction site of the Newborn Care Center in Recspace. That's because the site is outside most of the sealable areas of Recspace. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, much care has been taken to preserve the life-support in Recspace in case of emergencies, such as a major hull breach. All of the main areas can be sealed at a moment's notice from the service tunnels. Many of the most important maintenance areas can be sealed as well. The Garden and the floatbed chambers, in particular, are separated from the outer hull by at least three sealable doors in every direction, making them the safest areas in the entire tower.

The site of the Newborn Care Center, however, is close to the hull, as well as the tower top, outside most of the precautionary measures put in place by The Watch. That's why particular care must be taken to ensure its security in case of an accident. It's understandable that during the construction phase certain risks must be taken. The portable airlock is there to protect the rest of Recspace in case the NCC's own protections fail. I'm worried, however, that even after the construction is complete, the newborns educated will be at higher risk than is necessary, especially compared to the multilayered protections of the current educational location, The Garden.