Topic: Seed-themed IdleRPG

We're making a Seed themed IdleRPG.

We've put our ideas on a wiki:
( the password is: seed!idle )

But first, we need to decide which bot will be used as a base.
Currently, we have 2 bots running, one on #idlerpg, and one on #idlerpg2. Please vote for the one that you prefer.

#idlerpg2 has a map
#idlerpg has teams and manual challenges
the code of #idlerpg looks better wink
idleprg2 also has alignments, which idlerpg1 does not have

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Re: Seed-themed IdleRPG

OK, who came up with this strange idea? wink

Anyway, I think we should use Idlerpg for this, and then have teams, so we could recreate our rings smile I don't know what teams do in the code, but if they do nothing, apart from being there and displaying a team name (and listing what team is the best), then it should be fine?

Re: Seed-themed IdleRPG

hehehe I think that was my idea wink

and yes, teams apparently work like you said (just a way to sum the member's levels).

Re: Seed-themed IdleRPG

poll closed wink thanks for your participation