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See thread in Sava's garden.

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New feature: Calendar October 19th Now you can create some event.
Darkhawk's Birthday February 11th
Well, nothing much to say, it's my birthday ;)
URU Live releases somewhere this month December 1st Stated time of release is still December 2006. We're not as of yet sure of a day.
Norah's Birthday March 17th Norah's Birthday! Happy happy, gifts and whatnot!

Second Life event 6 PM CET October 28th Introduction to SL for roleplayers.
-roleplay-friendly features
-roleplay locations
-roleplay session

Dustman's birthday December 11th This is an additional text for those who clicked on the event though its obvious :)
NWN2 Release Date October 31st NWN2 is released.
Towel Day! May 25th For all you Douglas Adams fans (and all the strags who just want to be cool with us), this is the day to show your utter, insane devotion by having a towel with you (preferrably visible) wherever you go. For bonus points, wear a pajamas and a dressing gown and/or find a bartender who will serve you a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster and drink it (very carefully!)

Photos are welcome!

For further information, type http://www.towelday.kojv.net/ into your Guide!
Mihos Birthday August 19th Harassing women since 1976 :)
Ahnìon's Birthday November 1st Boo.
Skanx' birthday December 18th No, you won't make me enter some random text. *sighs* Oh, well...
Frakel´s Birthday January 9th ´Input random text here´ - oh well...

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Sekra's Birthday February 27th It's nothing that fancy I tell ya!
Seed IRC RP January 19th First ever Seed IRC RP event starts 18:30 GMT :)
Nuala's birthday February 23rd Nuala's birthday
Release of URU Live (Myst Online)! February 15th Today URU will release.
Open beta players will receive instructions via mail on how to transfer seamlessly to a paid account.
All countries currently on the 'List' will be included.
The new release will be accompanied by the opening of a new Garden Age (probably Tsogahl).
Wheri's birthday February 9th Don't forget to congratulate me, Ok? Pleeeease!
SEED MEETING 2007 May 5th Boo-jaah! Time to meet for real!

The city is Århus - the location is Café Smagløs - the time is 6 pm and all night long :)

All attending this day please leave a note (or vote) here: http://seedthecommunity.org/viewtopic.php?id=195

Discuss this event here:

More info to come...
SEED 2007 - pre-event-party May 4th As suggested by Nuala, lets put may 4th aside as the evening for the SEED 2007 pre-event-party!

Time and place still to be considered.

Discuss this event here:
Norah's Holiday April 27th Gone until May 6th!
Belgian Ardennen.
Mehken's birthday June 8th Well, yes... I get older too.
New Gallery! May 8th Yesterday we got a gallery, thanks to Nuala :D.
Mir's birthday August 29th Today we gather to honor the day the liberator of RP and winner of Seed was born. BYO cake.
Holotrek evening April 19th Holotrek 5 PM BST
Esme's birthday October 9th Another year older...
Midragar's Birthday December 16th It's Midragar's Birthday, bring out the party

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