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Darkhawk wrote:

Stressful RP? You mean there's quite some combat in Haze?

There can be some combat, the game is not very PVP'ish even if PVP is enabled for realism. If it's still like old Haze you enter the world as level 2 and may or may not become level 3. The XP rate is very low. Lowlevel wizards are "always the first to die" as you know.

But I get stressed from the RP: english isn't my first language and some of the players are really good writers. I remember watching some guy harvesting potatoes and it was a pure joy reading his emotes.

And FR lore isn't a strong side of mine, at least I want my character to have a believable background.

And last, which is about combat; I'm not sure that I am able to RP my "near death" character chased by band of orchs. Making him fall to the ground or crawl off really slow, when the next blow is lethal, needs a clear mind (when my adrenaline probably is flowing).


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I bought a silly collectors box, got a ring and a plastic figurine. No sight of a REAL manual in the oversized box. And then I turned all settings to max and logged in to play the game as a slideshow.

Haze is great (though I haven't logged in to the NWN2 version), but I played much more on the Nymri PW (NWN2 version still in early beta). It was not quite as stressful RP there.


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I was wondering what happened to the application and how to login. I found this information:

IP Address:
Password: No Password*

*However, all players MUST register through an application or you will not be able to exit the server’s Starting Area.


You will only receive a reply if your application has been rejected, which will include a reason why. If your application is accepted, you will be added to the database within, at most, one day. Most applications are processed within two hours of having been sent.


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I applied too!

I have to refresh my memory about Faerun and stuff! I haven't played D&D games for a long time now...


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Haze is about to launch. This evening they'll have a session of Roleplaying 101 and tomorrow the open beta starts. You can keep the character after the open beta, if he survives. http://nwn2haze.com/phpbb/index.php

Send in your applications! And don't make your dream character as your first character, Haze  is difficult and uses permadeath.  smile

On a NWN server I used to play there was discussions about the woman's role in the fictive medieval'ish gameworld. Would an unmarried woman competing with the male adventurers appear as something strange? Would they need protection against the male population?
The discussion ended, I think, with a ban against certain types of sexual roleplay (thank goodness), and that, in the eyes of the typical commoner - all adventurers was strange.

In WoW there was a lot of female/female marriages, but I never saw any male/male wedding - even the female/male ones were unusual then. So there was obviously young guys living out their fantasies in the fantasy world, rather than trying to portray a realistic character.

I used to play a female character in WoW, never really gave the gender much thought, but when one of my in-game friends tried to seduce my character I really felt uneasy. We had until then played a fairytale type of love relationship, but when cybering came into the picture - all roleplay went out the window.

About the strikingly beautiful female characters, aren't they as common as the over-dramatic backgrounds? You want your character to be interesting in itself, even before you enter the world. I think it's a phase everyone goes through.

Do you even think about gender when you roleplay a male character, or is it just personality in that case? If so do we need to consider gender when roleplaying a female?


I think most use a WikiMap for the board, and forum posts. http://www.ti3wiki.org/index.php?title=PBeM
Looks pretty complex to me!

Sorry to resurrect an old thread like this, just curious how it worked out.

Have any of you played any boardgame by e-mail, like Diplomacy or (one of my favourites) Twilight Imperium 3. I've never had so much fun stabbing my allies in the back like when my buddies and me played TI3 last winter. Looks like people enjoy playing it over e-mail and forums. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twilight_Imperium


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I think you will recognize a few people from ALFA in Haze, Darkhawk, people went to ALFA as the project Penitence (which was a sequel to Haze) was cancelled. The original Haze setting was really cool; think the TV show Lost set in Forgotten Realms.

Darn investors! I also remember there was an attempt to make a MUD/MUSH/MUSOMETHING with the Seed setting. Many of the systems in Seed would be very suitable for a textbased game.

And yeah, I actually played Soina and a few other (that I can't remember the name of). Didn't make a lot of noise though wink

It looks like Evolution is doing fine at the moment, Oluf. Most of the oldies have come back to SoR after a few months in Vanguard. Ryzom itself isn't exactly growing, many of the RP crowd left for LOTRO (!).


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So there are still seedlings after Seed! I miss the game, haven't even uninstalled it yet.

I used to consider myself roleplayer, ever since an incident in the NWN1 PW Haze where I was almost killed by the goatmen and a elf priestess found me bleeding and healed me. The gameworld suddenly came alive and I was hooked. (they are in beta for the NWN2 prequel now www.nwn2haze.com).

Roleplayed in WoW, but the game felt too static and found Ryzom and fell in love with the game and the storyline. My guild at the time (Evolution) started playing Seed and I joined in. The graphics were nice and almost everyone I met roleplayed - and the RP even had impact on the gameplay.

I remember there was some talking about buying the IP and the source code after the bankrupcy. Is that still a possibility?