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absolutely brilliant!


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PANIC PANIC!!! The irc-server died???? + what Kailas said...

Edit: Neither irc.seedthecommunity.org nor irc.mkc.fr is working anymore.. what gives?


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So.. I hate to bring up old stuff and specially like this.. But has there been any updates? The passion that Seed brings up in all of us.. This thread really shows it smile


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yayyy! zorg is back! yayyy! \o/


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oops! So you cant say that I forgot... Happy birthday!


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Thanks yall.. I will have to remember to add you to my "do not terminate" list...


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Looks like someone has created a Steam group in the new Steam communities section for Seed too. You can find it here:


I was wondering who this Wirt fellow is since he/she also points to these forums there. I'd like to join that group but it is "invite only" so I hope the person who is administering that group can see this message and A) accept my request to be your friend and B) invite me to the group! smile

Currently I am using the nick Sekra in Steam. So if anyone else using Steam wants to add me to your friends list just make the request! Also might be a good idea to post your Steam nick here (note! its not the steam login id etc but the one you use on your "friends" list which you can change easily) so the administer of the Steam group might invite you too!


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Yes Portal is quite excellent.


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Yes that is correct. It's all there. Some of the videos _might_ be corrupt (some in the Nicks Seed Dumpster) because it's the package hatetank was uploading and it turned out that his DVD was corrupted and naturally some files were too. Hatetank said he was trying to get a new copy of the DVD and then upload those later but we never continued that discussion. So there still might be some Seed stuff tucked away with the dev's that could be made available. You might want emailing hatetank or others from the team to verify this.


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Have you made any more progress? Full upstream is now available (its not fast but better than it was)


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Most likely tonight you will be getting our full upstream available so things will get a bit faster.. Last night it was propably pretty clogged. Oh and the server is running 24/7 so nothing prevents you from downloading at any time of day.. Just noticed that you too seem to be in europe as am I..


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you only need to download either the one 2.5gb package or all the seed.part** files.. both have all the directories from my repository in them. If possible give me some sort of progress report on how many files you've been able to download.. I would suggest downloading the different parts since if for some reason the download gets corrupt (as I believe will happen very likely since my connection has been a bit unstable in the last few weeks) you will have to re-download only a small part compared to downloading the whole 2.5gb file again.


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Yes unfortunately the whole repository I had is offline and most likely stay that way. If anyone needs all the files I had I have them as many many backups at different places so you dont have to worry about that. The whole se is about 2-3 gb.


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Downtime for the repository will continue for I have not yet been able to find a suitable spot for the computer. It's too noisy to be running in my room and there isn't a closet as good as in the old apartment. But do not fear about the contents of the site, everything is backed up on my main computer and as soon as I get a nice quiet moment I will burn them to dvd's. I will try to find a solution for the computer placing as soon as possible.

On a sidenote the new apartment is looking great with 20m2 more compared to the old place. Everything is starting to find its place and only a few boxes to unpack anymore.


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The Seed repository will be going down as of NOW for an unspecified time because I am moving to a new place.. I expect to get it up and running again in a few days since the internet connection should work straight away in the new apartment but you can never know if everything goes as planned. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.


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I'll be there!


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Me too. I'm at your disposal anytime for now at least


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I'm in.. I dont mind which time so everything goes.. I _WILL_ need a reminder though..

I'd totally be interested in playing something like the topic says.. I've always been a fan of strategy games and if we could agree on a game it would be great! Specially if the game has linux support I could run it on my linux box.. some sort of pbem or similar would be the best case with a 24h turn so everyone might squeeze the required minutes to make a turn each day. I remember we tried to play VGA planets in when I was a kid in school and it was pretty interesting.. but that was like 15 years ago..


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I agree with Darkhawk in some way that the day cycle should be longer than 2 hrs.. at least 6hrs or so imo..


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Here is a link for a gallery of pictures from the guy in my class. http://dragonmonk.deviantart.com/gallery/


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I'm definitely interested in this project. Just took a quick glance at the rules and it's looking very very good imo. Few things I would like to discuss about but nothing major. I have studied sound engineering a few years back and I can produce "studio quality" music and currently I'm studying software engineering at Savonia Univerisity of Technology (Savonia-amk, tietotekniikan insinööri, erikoistun ohjelmointiin [to be more specific]). There is also a very dedicated WoW fan/player in my group and he also seems to be a pretty talented artist. I'm not sure if he is any good with computer graphics but I've seen some of his drawings and they're pretty good.

The thing I'd like to see in an mmorpg is the sense that the world is HUGE. Like if you would go from town to town walking it could take days or even weeks (ingame of course) to get there. I know it is an issue related to the fact that the game should be enjoyable but if you take the medieval times for example, not that many people travelled half the world. It was the rich who could afford to travel at all.

Also another thing would be some sorts of mutating diseases. What I've been thinking related to this which I will explain very simply is that there would be x amount of effects on a disease. Then the disease and/or effects would have a mutation factor, infecting factor, incubation time and the possibility that the disease remains hidden. Lets say your char gets infected with disease A which is a common flu. As effects it has fever and cough. During the incubation time he also gets infected with a more serious virus B. The it would be possible for these two diseases to mutate together to form a disease C with effects from A and B. Of course it would require a lot more complex system than that and the possibility to do research on the diseases too. And that would depend a lot on the world concept of course.

Also one thing has troubled me in most fantasy settings and its the "racism" in almost everyone. One original idea could be that if there are different races to play, the world would be divided into different "countries" like the real world instead of just different races fighting each others. In my opinion that would make a bit more sense than the usual "every orc is a spawn of evil and cannot be nothing but evil" setting. And it would bring diversity to the game. Of course there could be areas that are more populated with a certain race depending on the type of vegetation for example.

Have you given any thought on the world concept at all? Fantasy, sci-fi? There's a lot I'd like to discuss about this matter. And I'm too tired to write more now. Maybe some tomorrow.


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Okay the transfer is finished now although I only got about 1.7 gig of stuff.. so did something stop the transfer? Anyways everything I got is now available on the site. Enjoy! smile


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Thank you Norah for a couple of beta vids and Darkhawk for providing the latest version of the client. Sounds funny saying that.

Okay.. Time for me to try this thing.. I just made some late night snack that is actually very versatile dish, more on this in the end. In Finland we call these "Letut" (Lettu in singular) and its sort of something like the american pancake. You decide what you want to call this. On with the show.

First the ingredients:

2 eggs
1/2 litre milk
1/2 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of oil or running butter
2 1/2 - 3 decilitres of wheat flour (missing from the picture)


Okay lets start. First take the eggs and break them in the bowl.


Then mix them up just a bit so its easier to add the milk and it mixes better.


After that pour in the milk and mix it up a bit again.


Next you add all the other ingredients but save the wheat for last. I also added some vanilla sugar to make it just a bit sweeter than with just sugar. You can experiment with various flavours here, I hear some people add in some cocoa powder to make it a bit chocolaty(?). The amount of flour is quite variable I like the batter(?) to be a bit firmer /but still very flowing!) and some like it to be more liquid. I find it easier to fry the pancakes when its a bit firmer. If you like it more liquid use less flour than in the recipe, like 2 dl.


Let the batter rest for 5 minutes or so.


Then put the stove to the max and when the frying pan is hot add some butter or oil (butter definitely makes it taste better).


When its sizzling hot add some batter on the pan, I'd say about 0.5 dl - 0.75 dl, so that it covers about 3/4 of the pan and while you're pouring it on the pan use your other arm to turn the pan in various directions so the batter spreads evenly on the whole pan.


After the batter loses the shine from its surface wait a little more and its time to turn it over! (You can peek a bit with a spatula)


Then let it fry a bit from the other side (use the spatula again to peek) and then lift the pancake on a plate and start the next one! (The first one is always a bit 'flawed' since you most often dont have the pan hot enough)

I usually let the stove be at max (my stove has 6 different heat options) for the first two or so that the pan is hot enough and then ease up a step or two depending on how good the stove is.. If your stove is too hot the pancake will burn before the batter loses the shine and then it will be very messy to turn it over if you dont wait for the batter to cook from the top too.


After you've finished with the batter and have a stack of pancakes its time to eat! This time I had some raspberry jam to spread on the pancake.



Then roll it up and eat!

Many people also have some icecream on the hot pancake, whipcream is delicious too and some like it with just a teaspoon of sugar. Just let your imagination run wild!

Also if you leave all the sugar out from the recipe you can make a delicious main dish out of this. Boil some rice and fry some minced meat, mix them together as a sort of risotto, make the pancakes (without the sugar), put that risotto as filling, roll it up, put the rolled and filled pancakes in a dish, cover with some cheese and put it in the oven for a while so the cheese melts and voila! Of course you can use just about anything as the filling, mushrooms, vegetables etc etc.

Well I hope this makes any sense since I had some trouble with some words there but I tell you this is very simple and very delicious! Enjoy and bon appetit!