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For get commercial it didn’t work, that’s why we are here, open source if any is the only way to go. A small volunteer dev team doing what they can when they can. Again I refer to my earlier suggestion of checking out a German game called Illarion.
Whilst I know this is not in the same ball park of Seed, the management system can be.

Not only that but I am sure the people that lost the money wouldn’t be to willing to sell the rights for a song and a cup of tea if it was again going to be revived as a commercial enterprise. We got to be cut throat cheap here…I wouldn’t even give them sugar in their tea cheap.

As for the game its self, art as with a few other things is a key factor, its what made the game what it was but alas IF the game was begged, borrowed or stolen and available to play you would play it. If a few people want to, have the passion and drive to make something of Seed if it can be got, why is it the majority give the feeling ‘Oh it wont be as good without the dev team, I would rather jus post about here and remember the beta days.’

I mean even if the game in its last seen beta state was ours and available to play, even if nothing new was added wouldn’t that be good, a 3d chat room if you will for RP, more or less what it was, running on someones home server that can just about cope with 20 people… hell I’d be there lagging about. The game was laggy as hell anyhow as I remember it.

Zammy, you might even be able to get the Uni to let you use their server *nudge, nudge wink, wink.*


(59 replies, posted in Floatbed Dreams)

Hello all, as you can see by my post count I am new to ‘this’ forum, but not to the game. I had the great joy of actually playing the game Seed when in beta testing. I like you who read are stuck in a void that is yet to be again filled by something more than the second job of grinding, and I’m not talking the good kind on a night club dance floor.

As with Zammy, it was rather a surprise when I went looking for this game again to see there is still a community for it! While I have looked but not found something to quench my thirst for dare I say, something a little ‘Seed-y.’  I ended up full circle to here.

So a crazy idea to those that might know… maybe one of the people that used to work on the game. I understand the company filed bankruptsy, and in doing so the ‘game’ being its property would have been taken by the receivers, they would have then sold this on (if they could) and the profits used to pay of creditors to the company (or that’show it works in the UK.)

While the company is bancrupt the director or owner persoanly is not. i.e that person can start a new compnay and BUY the assests back. Obviously this was not the case for what ever reason, a broken heart and bank balance might have been the simple answer.

To the point… if it is known who own the ‘game’ code and rights… it could be purchased by whoever, that is if the new owners do not want to keep it considering it a possible commercial threat. That whoever depending on the price could be this here community. It could be worked on as a bedroom project with a cheap server and a few volenteers… university IT people looking for a little extra expriance (Zammy for example) with a playable reward. Costs could be helped by donations, and kept legitemat by setting it up as a registered charity.

This is ALL pie in the sky, float bed dreams but someone of you might just be crazy enough, have stupidly well paid jobs and fancy a little flutter. But then again it all depends on the initial cost to purchase it and you moths that flutter around this dim lightbulb. So who owns it anyone know? Where can we dig out information? How do we contact the old team?

If you dont think this is all possible I would advise you look up a German game Illarion. It was created by uni students and loved so much by the players a couple got together bought a server and made it better in thier own time, set up a charity for donations and its stronger than ever.

That all said if I had developed the game, I sure as hell would have made a copy of it all for a closed private server in my bedroom for select players… would you?