Well, I also still have all the Seed stuff somewhere backed up, but I don't think I had the ICE networking stuff in there, so I downloaded this. Huge thanks!

I am one of the few who still hangs out on IRC on work days, together with Darkhawk, Norah, Mehken, Sekra and of course Chimpbot smile

Interested as well, can't really say any sure day. No time next weekend, slight chance for the one after that. Weekdays 5pm earliest (except Tuesday and Thursday is a no-go).


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Thirded, or something, thank you smile


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Seems that even an apocalypse can't purge enough out of existence...

Anyway, some animator had a thing for dances obviously, nice touch and the game looks nice compared to the screens I remember from 3-4 years gone smile

Birthday is december 11th, 1985, hope I'm not too late (and not too young wink )

We're playing the EU version, on the Laurelin RP server.

It is fine by me as well. Alone this time around.

I'm in for sure, I'll be there alone most likely but in any case I'll tell if it changes before the end of tomorrow (that would mean 2 person then).

Cottage works fine with me but camping is okay just the same.

Probably with my girlfriend, otherwise alone.

Any time works for me, May/June/July would mean that I come alone. Otherwise my time will be randomly reserved for project deadlines and paper submission deadlines in which I have limited control.

Something close to 1 week would suit me best, otherwise I'm flexible.


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That's a nice list of options for sure and I'm certainly in. smile


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I'm in as well, Sunday afternoon should be fine.


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Yes, I posted a link to our forums using the free advertisement smile

I should hand in my thesis till 15th May. After that I'll have the final exams and the thesis-defending. Although this part is less stressful, I think the last one is around the middle of June.


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tsk, tsk, how come we have hidden advertising even in a simple post?
"wii do that"? big_smile


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For some reason the logs and their unfortunate unorganization came up on IRC tonight. I got the idea, that if we can't access the webserver holding all the logs, we can still access all the logs. So, our mighty, shiny Goddess often called Nuala by infidels, could integrate the logs with the calendar, putting a hyperlink to every day with the right syntax:
http://irc.seedthecommunity.org/log/see … D_pg1.html or the like.
Whaddaya think?


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Sorry, Darkhawk, I would be interested in it, but I won't have the required time and stability for the next few months.


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Yay... nice one, Nuala. Thank you for doing this instead of work wink

Edit: Let's see if editing works

Due to the limited number of USB-modems in the property of the department, it is highly possible that I won't be able to participate in the session on 22th (if there's any). I'll try to get around it, but I thought you should know early on.

Okay, this seemed the most appropriate place to put this:
Speaks for itself, 10day trial for anyone without any obligations. For those who wanted to try the game for free.

Ok, I got an USB-modem with mobile internet. So I can connect to the internet at home now. I still have to see how much traffic RPGchat generates, but I guess it won't be that much. As for the timing, I'm okay either way, but my own schedule is far from normal though I'll try to reserve the sunday afternoons for StSC.

I'm "moving" to Florence (ITA) this Sunday. I don't exactly know how I'll get an internet access there, but I'll try to get one as soon as possible, so I can get back in StSC. Until that time, I won't be able to play.
On the bright side, I may manage to get internet access by next Sunday, we'll see, I'll keep you updated.

I have an article deadline on 30th Jan., so I'll have to skip next week (25th) and I'm travelling to the UK, so I won't be here between 3th and 10th Feb. (that's another Sunday on 8th).

Right, I'll be there!


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Happy birthday, Kryigerof! smile

Arggh... When I glanced at the post yesterday I thought it was saying "no game". Anyway, that's my mistake. The problem is I'm not sure I'll be back home till 13:00, as I promised my dad that I'll help him moving some stuff around at his place. I'll try to get home as early as I can, but I don't know when that will happen.