Hey all,

This is likely to be a real shock for most of you and out of the blue. I come across an old hard drive from when I was at Uni and found all the Seed dump Sekra gave me for when I tried to backwards engineer a server through the ICE networking.

All the old videos and images are still on there and even the old wikis. If I see people are still 'floating' about on here I will resurrect the wiki on Digital Ocean. I think the game deserves to be remembered.

So yeah, I have uploaded all the files onto my Onedrive. Feel free to download and consume all the nostalgia:

https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=4 … =folder%2c


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Alright, who stopped feeding the hamster? He has stopped running in his little wheel and the server has gone down sad

cheers, I grabbed most of the stuff off Sekra's FTP to pool it together so others can access it, just takes time to upload everything lol.

I had a look through the files and can't really find any other Tower maps than the one you posted.

I haven't got a larger image of the Tower, but you can find the maps of Canyon, Labspace and Recspace here: http://wiki.seedres.com/tiki-browse_gal … alleryId=4


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Hey all!

I aint really new to Seed, a number of you may remember me. I know that some people on IRC remember me, especially those from TN Ring.

I am however, new here to STC, it's very pleasing to see that there is still a lot of like minded people who support Seed.

I hope I can be a valuable asset to the community and get a chance to talk to those I haven't had a chat with since the end of Seed.