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Hi seeds,
As the Ahrus seed con was very fun, I propose you to make another meeting, but this time in France.
We could have made that in Paris, but I propose some holiday in the south of france, more precisely in Drôme, more precisely at my parent's house in Souspierre!

Somewhere here

If some people want to visit Paris a little before, I can provide some sleep for 3 people, more if sleeping on the floor dont mind you.
But let's talk about souspierre.

This is the church and my old school, as you can guess, Souspierre is a very little village with less of 100 inhabitant big_smile, it's very green, hot and there's lavanda everywhere! The perfect place for restful holiday! And Barbecue! And a seed meeting!

For sleeping at souspierre there is:
one free room at my parents home
a big garden for camping
a caravan if my father is willing to bring it down from the mountain
a holyday inn
a few non naturist camping

No naturism in my garden or else i'll allow my father to use the rifle and to free the dogs :demon:

So, are you interested?

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I'm definitely interested. I'm not entirely sure I can save enough money for the trip, but, well, I can try for next year.

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Oh... France, my GF will kill me if I don't bring her, and I will try to be there, can't tell for sure though, but the place looks great.

/thumbsup Nuala

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Sounds great. cool For this year the time 'window' for me is a bit limited. I placed my remaining 3 weeks holiday time somewhen in September, though I should be able to shift them a few weeks. So for me until mid August means no chance, mid to end August maybe possible, September or October should be no problem. Money I should be able to save enough by then.

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I've been thinking of making a trip to Europe this year, and France seems like as good a place as any.

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Well I do have the money but not the time this year but next year I'm on!

I'll start training now so I can outrun the dogs smile

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.. And the rifle Miho, don't forget the rifle wink

I have money enough now, time is more tricky, but if decided at least a month in advance, it should be possible, this year or next year, both is good with me.

And don't forget we'll hold a Seed con around the 4th May next year too (I thiiink).

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I don't have the money this year.

And does it have to be around the 4th of May again next year... :cry:
That is such a bad time for many reasons.

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Very, very nice initiative Nuala - and the setting seems great! Id love to come - money is not an issue, but time is unfortunately. Ive got two weeks off in the middle of august this summer, othervise its work at the museum (I have to earn that wage so money is not an issue wink ).

Anyways - looking forward to hearing more on this. Lets hear some suggestions for when this could be!


Ah - and I notice it is not far from Montpellier. Visited that nice place with my family as a kid and managed to get myself both lost AND trapped inside a large shopping mall as those metal curtains they roll down to keep burglars out managed to keep me in... Ah - those sweet childhood memories :mrgreen:

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Hey Nuala! You promised some progress on this when you were here! So, I'll just drag this thread in the front again, HAH! lol Anyway, next summer would be great, but some time-frame would be nice. :sifflote: