Re: Age Of Conan: No not the mmo based on the zanny life of Conan O'Brian

DT seems fine enough for PvE, but wtf did they do it's pvp abilities?
Well yea Mir warned me and i'm now playing a HoX. It does aggro mobs five villages further, but i can take em all. Going to have to wait till White Sands to see what my sweet little lady can do. Her name is Nirtii.

DT imo seems to be a team-buff class with the ability to knock a few head around, but it definitly needs back-up in order to survive solo.


Re: Age Of Conan: No not the mmo based on the zanny life of Conan O'Brian

Got jumped by a random lvl 80 DT in Keshatta when I was lvl 72. That means I was grey to him. I circle strafed for about 5-10 minutes around him, lolzoring in tells and asking where he bought his account, with my health bar securely above 90%. So at least an unskilled DT is pretty useless in PvP. (the DT was called Ivsu, unguilded)

That has to do with me being guardian, though.

Like yesterday morning, I got level 74 and was standing next to a guestgiver, the Villa Verde one in Noble Distric, placing my feat point when a lvl 80 barbie unstealths behind me and starts wailing on me. I took some damage, with his stuns and all, but didn't go below 75% health. Then I whapped a kb on him, and didn't attack more, making it obvious I wasn't at all concerned about his ability to hurt me. He was giving up and backing away, and once there was a bit of distance, he stops and looks at me in disbelief. Well, I switch to frenzy stance (always have def stance on when not fighting to avoid gank), stun charge him, lay a few combos on him, even switch to polearm for second kb and some more dps, and his health bar sinks below 25% within 10 seconds. He ran for his life and stealthed away. (the barbie was Zubba from Captain Morgan's Society)

So, yeah, even with all it's flaws, I'm pretty happy about my class these days. Leveling up helps, since you can patch the weaknesses of your class nicely with feats. I've been loving PvE and PvP a whole lot harder since I got my stun feat, for example.

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