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There's a platform on the internet that allows you to create rather complex multiplayer games, even persistent ones, called BYOND - in fact, some time ago, we even considered it for making a new Seed. Well, someone almost beat us to it - have a look at this: http://www.byond.com/games/Exadv1/SpaceStation13
Okay, that, and the wiki linked, won't tell much, so let me do it instead. It's a game where you play as a crewman on a space station where something bad is about to go down - traitors, AI going rogue, some weird biohazard outbreak, random psychopaths deciding to make some bombs and whatnot - fun (and probably gruesome death) for everyone! The rules and mechanics involved are quite complex, and it is sometimes described as "Dwarf Fortress in space!" - of course it's an exaggeration, but it's not that far from truth.
It's also supposed to be RP-enforced, although there isn't much background material, and exactly how "enforced" it is depends largely on players and moderators involved.

The game itself is being developed and maintained by a certain internet community no-one particularly likes, so there are some weird features available in the latest build (Like surgically removing people's butts and wearing them on your head - which aptly describes one of the encouraged behaviours) and things usually happening for no reason.
However! It's not very hard to get your hands on a slightly earlier build which naturally lacks some features and start your own server - some other communities have done just that. Including Bay 12, whose server requires you to ask to be let in on their forums nicely enough and reportedly contains less random stuff happening and more serious business RP.

It's fun to play, whether you're doing anything useful or wreaking havoc (In fact, why not do both?), but the learning curve is huge, the interface and controls are extremely unfriendly and bulky, and the servers I played on so far are extremely laggy. Still, fun! Nothing like making your transport robots run over people if they stand in their way and announce over the PA system that everything is working perfectly well and it's their own damn fault. Or mopping the floor in front of the escape shuttle so people slip, fall and don't get on it in time. Or slightly oversaturating the air with oxygen. Or... you get the idea.


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Just ran some basic calculations. Right now it makes zero sense to do pretty much any PI. I'll have to wait for a while so the market can re-stabilise, pre-existing stockpiles run out and early adopters burn out.


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The latest patch brings 8 new professions that look absolutely awesome. What other game lets you play as a florist? No, I'm not being sarcastic. Maybe we should give it another another try?


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Also, we now have a Twitter IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! that is also IC and not quite as silly as regular Twitter.
And I've only understood now: with suitable planets you can support a POS without ever leaving a wormhole system. I don't think it concerns us, but damn!


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Tyrannis is here, and it's interesting - not the kind of scanning-and-prospecting interesting I hoped for, but a veritable heaven for anyone looking for supply chain management. Just look at all the goods you can make!

No. Three players is the absolute minimum in my opinion, and even than I'll be reluctant.


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Aww, man! You're about to do a fun thing and I have a nonzero chance of being stuck away from EVE, or home (Closest thing I have to one, anyway) altogether.

We've stopped at a very climatic moment (Me getting my arse handed to me) and I really want to see how it plays out.

It's not so much motivational problems as real-life complications interfering with the game time. Unfortunate, but I don't think we can do about it short of going to live as hermits in a cave (With broadband).


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In case you forgot or didn't even know in the first place, I'm playing as Sherrick. The idea I'm trying to follow in my search of RP is basically going undercover for various reasons and making my way into one of like-minded RP corporations.
Unfortunately, I had to retcon some my character's exploits before the hiatus, but luckily I didn't really do that much so it shouldn't bother anyone.

I've fallen ill. It's nothing serious and will probably be gone by Sunday, but still bad enough to render me unable to concentrate for more than an hour. Just warning that I may be unable to play anything big this session.


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Well, I guess an update is in order now: there's Darkhawk still playing, me coming back (And enjoying it for once. No grind!), as well as two out-of-community friends.
Apparently, there's stuff you can do without a huge organized alliance (Wormhole exploration and CONCORD-sanctioned warfare, to name two) now, and that in-station gameplay we were promised years back is now rather close by, announced to come out by the end of this year.

It might be a nice time to give EVE another chance at being an RP polygon.

Sounds okay to me. As usual, there's always a chance someone will desperately want to see me at exactly the same time, but I don't think anything will crop up.


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I have a very, very evil craving to start playing again. I'll probably have to make a new character for that, though.
I'd even agree to a non-RP playstyle, as it's still the frelling best MMOG out there.
*Incoherent, probably foreign, swearing follows*


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I'm happy to hear that at least some of the more original MMOG's manage to return from beyond the grave.


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As much as I like Midragar's version, that's not it. Here's another part of the same picture:

Note: I can't really play anything now, so please don't plan anything for me until I call off the emergency. I have no idea how long it can last. Sorry!


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Sorry for the delay, let's try this one:
Just identify the character and game.

Should work for me. There's still a probability of a pen-and-paper game this weekend, but I'll insist on having it on Saturday.


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Ok. Give me a couple days to come up with a new one.


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Grim Fandango.
"I can't reap hamburger, cows are a whole 'nother bureau. Not to mention the lettuce". Anything specific you want me to tell?

Unlikely. Next weekend (22nd and 23rd) I'll be at a combined birthday party/pen-and-paper RP session.


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If not for the brown stuff at the bottom, I'd say it's from Seed, heh.

That sounds very good.

On a related note, does RPGchat support some sort of sound cues yet? It'd be very useful, if not outright necessary for those of us mostly unrelated to the central plot of the *ahem* episode.


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It's Zorg! Welcomeback!


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It looks very, very familiar, but I can't tell what it is yet. Wild guess: Silmarils, the old game developer's, logo?