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As you may know, we've begun playing EVE again. I've been playing for several hours a week, testing the state of the game right now, and finding it fun. I've also hauled in Sherrick and Gujolais, so that we at present are 3 active players.

Now, I'm looking at expanding the Seeds further again, as we've hit a sweet spot, where we don't grind, but just have fun with the game, and have established a framework to accommodate several playing-styles. Therefore, if any of you are interested in joining/rejoining/trialling, I'd say now would be a very good time to download EVE and give it a spin. So consider this an invitation to peek in smile

We'll focus on a corporation where we bring in interested friends, but not strangers - where we can vouch for new members, keeping a team spirit and where we can both be ambitious and relaxed at the same time, doing things solo and together, enjoying the strengths of EVE (spreadsheets and slow, slow gameplay big_smile).
The game has changed quite some during the last few years - tons of new systems and content has been added, so that all is not mission running or mining any more, and I'm personally enjoying the game a lot.

As for the roleplaying aspect - I must admit I grew very tired of artificially maintaining 'RP for RPs sake' in this game the last time we played. I am not directly roleplaying in EVE at present, but playing it as a game, where my char does not do actions that are against his IC personality. This has made it much more enjoyable to me I must say, and it also enables me to bring in other people who do not want to RP (much) in EVE.

However, naturally, we can cater to both RP'ers and non-RP'ers - I have updated the background of the Seeds, making it possible to either meta-RP (speak OOCly, but let your char only do things that are in line with our stories and RP) or RP. We also have an IC channel for RP and another for OOC, where most (all, right now) of the game takes place. Sherrick wants to RP and has set up a backgroundstory together with me, that will enable him to do just that, and maybe also bring in other RP'ers via IC relations.

So the Seeds are open for both styles, and may also do both playing styles at the same time. I'll work to make sure of that at least, and also produce RP stories as we go that underline and detail our (ooc) exploits. Bottom line is that we all think EVE is fun, and we want to play the game, with or without direct RP, together.

So don't be shy, join us smile Contact me for more details and a buddy code, or start up the client and contact me ingame on my char 'Marghulis'.

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Re: Seeds of Matar - New Recruitment

In case you forgot or didn't even know in the first place, I'm playing as Sherrick. The idea I'm trying to follow in my search of RP is basically going undercover for various reasons and making my way into one of like-minded RP corporations.
Unfortunately, I had to retcon some my character's exploits before the hiatus, but luckily I didn't really do that much so it shouldn't bother anyone.

RP in MMOG's looks like this when trying to base it on in-game activities:
"Let's go <activity>!"
"Yay, <activity>!"