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Phenoca wrote:

Why is it worth-it? I have only purchased one game in the past several years, and I am hesitant to play retail games.

That was mostly for people who are already Monkey Island fans, but if you like adventure games, MI games are an extremely well-known classic series. If you like adventure games in general, these games are also both worth it. Not a lot of good adventure games coming out these days (I know it's blossoming a bit again, but sorry to say I still don't consider most of thoser games to be any good).

Alright, here are some cottages that are still reasonably affordable during June, various sizes:

Dutch sites:

http://www.gites.nl/Gite/Les+Lancons/2260/  --> 5
http://www.gites.nl/Gite/la+Gustine/1651/ --> 6
http://www.gites.nl/Gite/LEscaronnie/4374/  --> 6
http://www.gites.nl/Gite/les+Granges/6088/ -->  6-8
http://www.topictravel.nl/vakantiehuis/ … -08-2009/7  --> 9-11
http://www.gites.nl/Gite/Ancienne+ecole/1567/  --> 10
http://www.gites.nl/Gite/Beauregard/1754/ --> 10
http://www.gites.nl/Gite/Villa+La+Barbiere/6571/   --> 12
http://www.topictravel.nl/vakantiehuis/ … -08-2009/7  --> 12

the rest:

http://www.holidaylets.net/properties/19326 --> 6
http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/a … y-calendar  --> 6
http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/a … y-calendar --> 8, 10 or 18
http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/a … y-calendar --> 10-12

I really need to know how many will be wanting to stay at a cottage, because it really should be booked soon. I can factor myself+BF in or out when I know what size cottage I'll be looking at. Help out the dyscalculic a bit here tongue

You all have until next Tuesday to give a final final answer to state who is coming and with how many tongue.
(it's ok to do this via IRC if you want)

All in all the second half of June might be best. If someone can do a count and tell me for how many people the cottage would be, I will start checking out what is available. Depending on the price I might drop out, but will still arrange it for the rest.

This is also the time to start thinking of the deposit that will need to be made in advance: save up some money and soon.

Darkhawk wrote:

Well, I'm in for both cottage and camp, and since the majority is positive about a cottage, so am I smile I'll be coming alone, and I can come at any time.. probably, and one week is fine for me. Seems, preliminarily, like it would be a good idea to have the meetings in the second half of June then, in regards to your preferences, and I'm also in for that.

So far, based on replies, early or halfway through May would be better, considering cottage prices. 15-20 May is usually when they start becoming more expensive.

Ok, I'll just reply right away too.

I'd prefer to rent a cottage.

I'd be coming with my partner, or not at all (so 2 or none, but I think this'll be the least of my problems: I have plenty of time to warm him up to the idea).

I'm available all year, except 24 April-8 May, when I'll be on holiday with my parents and such. HOWEVER, I'd prefer not to go during high summer (July, August), since the cottage will be 3 times as expensive (which might actually make me unable to come at all, depending on the price ) I have a very hard time with hot weather, am insect-phobic (especially wasps), and dislike the tourist season: more people everywhere.

The other conditions: how much money I will have left, if I can convince my partner to come, the price of the cottage, whether or not it falls at the same time as my family holiday, whether or not we can borrow the car a second time in a year.

So, so far, we have 8 votes, all pretty much yes, though some depend on certain factors.

It's time to sort some things out: when, where, who and how many.
We can get into any further details after we sort out the following.

Answer these questions in a reply (poll alone isn't customisable enough):

Do you want to rent a cottage, or do you want to camp in the garden of Nuala's parents?
Are you coming alone, or bringing someone else(s)?
When are you available to go (next year, unless it becomes too complicated somehow)?
What other conditions determine whether or not you will be able to go?

I don't know how long everyone wants a Seed Meet to be, but renting cottages is often for a minimum of 1 week, sometimes 2 (but we'll just not take those cottages that have a 2-week minimum). Which doesn't necessarily mean you have to stay for the whole week, but it does mean you'll have to pay for it (literally tongue).


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I'm posting some links to cottge s from Dutch sources too, because, quite frankly, I think they are nicer and often cheaper. Plenty of you will be able to deciphe them, otherwise there is always some crappy translation software to be found.

http://www.topictravel.nl/vakantiehuis/ … -08-2009/7 9-11 people, 565 euros for a week halfseason.

http://www.topictravel.nl/vakantiehuis/ … -08-2009/7  4-6 people, 370 for a week halfseason.

http://www.topictravel.nl/vakantiehuis/ … -08-2009/7  12people, 825 a week halfseason.


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Oluf wrote:

uh! sounds like fun!

But it would really depend on the dates choosen if I can come along or not. How long in advance would we need to reserve a cottage?

Like... now if we want it next year. big_smile

That's why I am pressing the subject and the poll has a limited lifespan.

If enough people like the idea we can start choosing a period that most of us can go (too much too hope for that there is a period that all of us can go)


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Mine is a yes but (but I'm wiling to arrange a cottage for everyone either way).
It mostly depends on the date and if I can get my BF to come (And if we can rent or borrow a car for that time).

My family holiday is from the last saturday or so in April 2010, to 8 May 2010, so if it's before or after that, it's ok, but if it's during that, we won't be attending.

And Darkie, I said most of that in the OP tongue

Also Nuala: I will be arranging a cottage specifically near your parents, if enough people are interested.

It would also help if people said if they're coming alone or with a partner.

(Also if we come along, I cannot guarantee that people will see a lot of us)


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As you know, Nuala proposed a Seed Meet in France a while back (topic here http://seedthecommunity.org/viewtopic.php?id=268).

There was a lot of enthusiasm for it then.

When I was planning my own holiday for me, partner, parents etc, I looked at a lot of holiday cottages, and I got the idea that it might be nice, for those who do not want to camp out in Nuala's parents' garden, to all rent a cottage together.
Why? --> cottages in France are often very cheap. More people in a larger cottage would be cheapest, but even starting from 4-6 people in a smaller cottage is cheap. It affords a bit more comfort and privacy than camping, and it's just fun tongue. It would not be as cheap as camping in Nuala's parents' garden, but it would still be something most of us could afford, cheaper than hotels and even most campings, with costs staying below 100 euros (sometimes below 50) per week per person, also depending on the season (though since most want it to be early in May, that would be halfseason and should be very cheap mostly).

So I'm polling for interest in this idea. Dates, if any are interested, will come later.
Below is a list of cottages, from small cottages for few people to bigger cottages for large groups, that are in the same region as Nuala's parents, some even in the same smaller area (Drôme). I will list the pricerange per cottage. Many more cottages are out there, I just listed a few now. The poll has a limited life, since this needs to be done rather quickly.

Keep in mind that if people are interested, and a date in the highseason is agreed upon instead of half- or lowseason, a lot of these prices would become more than twice as high. Some of these cottages may also require a (caution money) deposit in advance, which will be returned to us when we leave the cottage in good state.

Ok, so from small to large:

http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/a … u_id=95872 Has 3 bedrooms, sleeps 5-6. Halfseason price is 421 euros, which means 84,20 euros to 70,16 euros (5-6 people) per person per week.

http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/a … _id=152145 Has 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6. Halfseason price is 410 euros, which means 68,33 euros per person per week.

http://www.cheznous.com/prop_details.asp?sku=15527   3 bedrooms, sleeps 6. Price for May is 200 pounds. Which makes: 33,33 pounds per person per week. More if rented with fewer people, of course.

http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/a … tact-owner  Has 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6-8. Halfseason price seems to be 456 euros, but that needs to be checked. That would make the pricerange 76 euros to 57 euros (6-8 people) per person per week.

http://www.cheznous.com/prop_details.asp?sku=170389  This gite sleeps 6-8 in 3 bedrooms, and there is a studio above it that sleeps 2-3. We could use just the larger gite, or both for a lerger group.
Gite halfseason price is 660 euro per week, which would turn out as 110 euros to 82,50 euros (6-10 people) per person per week. Or, if, say we rent both with 10 people, it would be 1060, which would mean 106 euros per person per week, making this one of the more expensive choices.

http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/a … _id=105834 4 bedrooms, sleeps 8-12. Halfseason price seems to be 500 euros, which means the pricerange would be: 62,50 euros to 41,70 euros (8-12 people) per person per week.

http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/en/a … u_id=94139  It has 4 bedrooms, would be most comfortable with 8 people, but can house up to 14. The pricerange for the halfseason would be: 91,50 euros to 52,14 euros (8-14 people) per person per week.

http://www.cheznous.com/prop_details.asp?sku=185769 This property sleeps 13 in 3 different buildings/parts of building. The prices are "From £515 - £920 depending on season, number of people and accommodation selected". Which gets too complicated for me, but I guess (without converting the currency), 39,60 pounds to 70,76 pounds per person per week.

http://www.cheznous.com/prop_details.asp?sku=1116 This consists of 3 properties. We could rent just one, or 2, or all 3, depending on group size. Prices again in pounds, maybe someone else can calculate this one.

http://www.cheznous.com/prop_details.asp?sku=16341   4 apartments in one large barnhouse. Sleeps 26 if we use them all (less as required). It just says: "Prices from €450 to €1950 per week". And I don't know if that is per property or dependent on the time of year or what, so that's have to be checked.


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This one: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/monkeyisland/

And this one: http://www.telltalegames.com/monkeyisland



- chick peas. (dried: 200 grams, which turns into about 500 grams. If you cannot find dried ones, or find them too much hassle, you are allowed to use canned chick peas, about 500 grams)
- 1-2 cloves garlic
- tahin, 2-3 tbsp (find it at a turkish store, or just search for it. essential)
- cumin seeds, crushed, to taste (I use a heaped tsp)
- juice of one lemon
- 1-2 tbsp olive oil
- salt to taste
- pepper to taste
- optional: other herbs or spices, like koriander leaves


Prepare the dried chick peas by soaking them in plenty of water overnight, for about 10-12 hours. Then boil them for about 2 hours. Wash them well, several times, before soaking, before boiling, and once after boiling. Save the water you boiled them in after boiling. For canned peas, heat them in whatever goo they were canned in, and save that (like the boiling water of the dried peas).

Put the peas, after cooling a bit, into a food processor, or into a bowl if you don't have a food processor (will mash them with, for example, a stick blender, or an old fashioned mashing stick if you have to). Put the garlic in with the peas, pre-crushed or cut if you do not have a food processor. Add the tahin, the olive oil, the crushed cumin and a few tbsp of the boiling water you saved to soften it up a bit, then mash the things into a puree.

Squeeze the lemon, add the juice to the puree. Add salt, pepper and any herbs to taste. If the hummus is still too thick for your tastes, add more of the boiling water.

[will add picture later]

I got this code:


If you use it, the Telltale games episodes (any of them, and not just one, but any that you put in the basket), are only $5 instead of the regular price.
They told me to spread the code to as many people as possible, which must mean it has unlimited use. Go wild.

Telltale games store: http://www.telltalegames.com/store


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We know all that, don't worry (did you post this to that thread too?). But the commenters were right in pointing out the fact that it wasn't lack of combat that killed Seed (as the article was giving it a sort of 'a non-combat MMO just doesn't work' spin).


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something for Nuala


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Forum time settings in profile are wrong.

I have to set it to Central Europe/West Africa instead of Western Europe to display my correct times (even with DST box checked).


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never mind me


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Alright then.

And I've come up with a setting: Garth Nix's Old Kingdom / Ancelstierre.

If you haven't read the books, here is some info:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Kingdom_series

But that's all for now, might take a while before I get something together.


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URU has gone Open Source. No servers are up yet, but new developments are estimated to happen in spring. So I'm expecting them somewherebefore the end of this year tongue.

Seriously though, it might be a while before we see the first servers, and even longer before we see anything good happening (since, being open source, it can go in different directions, some people may find what they want sooner than others), but it's likely that those interested can be playing again sometime this year.


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Kryigerof wrote:

I'm interested, or curious at least. Are we going to live in the same story or are we all in different instances of it?

Well, actually I hadn't decided that yet, since it would be very interesting to have the characters in the same story with the possibility to interact and such, but I find it equally interesting to have several different parallel stories, so you can see how stories start out the same and diverge based on different personalities of the characters and such.

So if you (all of you.... 2 tongue) had a preference?


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Depends on the amount of participants. If you're in I'll start 'development'.  Once I start the actual thread it will be 'closed.' So from now until I'm done more people can sign up, if they want.  If there's more than 2 or 3 I'll make separate threads.


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Was thinking of starting a sort of guided forum RP thread here.

You ever read those books with a bit of story and then you get a choice, and depending on your choice the story goes differently? I was thinking of doing something like that, only with more choices and less set in advance. I'd make a story (or adapt one from a really good fantasy book world or something), and tell it. Then I put up a few choices. You each pick one, no reason to all pick the same one, I'll branch out for each participant (will take a bit of work). I will set general guidelines or a general framework for the story for myself in advance, but there could be a lot of improvisation and making stuff up on the spot. Each participant will create a character (send info on them to me or post it for all to see), I will need it and who knows, I might even be able to customise some stuff around specific chars.

Story will end, planning on not doing a very very long one for a first try, don't even know if the concept will work.

So, if anyone would be interested in doing that kind of forum RP here, let me know. If there is interest, I will then start on a storyworld, so might take a while before it starts.
This isn't something that would take a whole lot of work on your part, though you can RP around your choice as you like. More like a story being told for you and around your char. But will put in choices often, more often than you'd have in those books I mentioned.
Note in advance, once I do post more choices, I wouldn't want to wait days for someone's reply, so regular forum checking would be needed tongue.

Two eggplant recipes. Unfortunately not my own, I just took them off a recipe site.

[big]Eggplant Kebob[/big]


- 2 eggplants, cut lengthwise into thin slices (0.5 cm. thick, at most)
- 200 gr. goat cheese (the soft kind you could loosen with a fork and put on bread like a paste. NOT the brie-like kind)
- honey
- 2 cloves garlic, cut up into very small pieces
- fresh chives


Pour some salt onto the slices of eggplant and let them sit for 30 minutes (moisture will drain out and the slices will go limp enough to form rolls later). Rinse them off with water, and pat them dry. (And you can use too much salt...)
Mix the honey, cheese, garlic and chives into a very thick paste. Use as much of honey and chives as you like (I like a LOT of honey through the cheese, but not everyone does).
Put a good amount of the cheese paste onto each slice, roll them up and skewer them. We have pretty large wooden skewers, so for us we could put 4 rolls on a skewer.
Grill the skewers (you can also just put them in a frying pan, I tried, but will miss a certain taste) until they're done. Should be fine to just get them good and hot, if the eggplant slices turned limp enough with the salt.


[big]Eggplant Layers[/big]


- 2 eggplants, cut lengthwise into 1 cm thick slices
- 160 gr. gorgonzola cheese
- 8 tablespoons tomato puree
- 4 cloves garlic
- 2 good handfulls of nuts (walnuts should do fine, I used hazelnuts)
- salt
- pepper
- olive oil
- 1 cup water


Preheat oven at 200 degrees Celsius. Grease an oven dish.
Cut up the nuts and garlic into small pieces. Put the cut up nuts and garlic, the cheese, the tomato puree, salt and pepper into a foodprocessor (or use a stickblender or whatever) until it's well-mixed and the least chunky that it can get. Divide the paste over the slices (just take a knife and smear it on). Take the oven dish and put a layer of slices in there. Sprinkle a bit of olive oil over the slices. Then put another layer of slices on top of the first, sprinkle that with olive oil too.... etc etc. When done, pour the cup of water over the layers. Seal the oven dish with a lid or with aluminum foil (shiny side down) if there is no lid. Put into oven for 30 minutes.


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Eat lots of cake. big_smile


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My estimate was pretty good then ^^