Topic: Kickstarter perhaps?

Ever considered in trying to make this amazing game again through kickstarter support?
I still have hopes for a game like Seed used to be and some great things have come from Kickstarter.

Perhaps under a new name but with the same concept / location if IP is a problem.
Anyways, I'm not sure if anyone will ever read this but if they do... you know smile

Emine smile

Re: Kickstarter perhaps?

I read it! wink

But if you want to make your case for a Seed kickstarter, you should do so to the old Producer, Lars Kroll Kristensen. You can find him on Facebook and maybe if you're super convincing...? Hope blooms eternal, hehe.

Re: Kickstarter perhaps?

I reached out to him on twitter and he told me he had thought about it but currently has other games he wants to make.

Still not giving up hope however!!
I still want a non combat community focussed sci fi mmo  mad