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Just act like you've be given a buddy key:
On the main site, click on "[death]Join The Trial Now[/death]" there is a download link at the end of the page.

or http://download.station.sony.com/patch/ … online.zip

This is for the download part. Then you have to create a SOE account, and register your MxO key with your account.


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Thanks Esme for the Chatzilla Howto big_smile

And thanks Oluf for the stickyness wink

ok, the second dump worked smile
the wiki is online here : http://wiki.seedthecommunity.org
but you won't get the images, since I only have a SQL dump, and the images are stored on the webserver...

I have the dump on another computer, at home... my other home in France wink
I'll try this week-end...

I wanted to try to put it online quickly, but I can't extract the .rar, it says: CRC failed - Unexpected end of archive


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added Killing a ghost to recover your nickname

*launches amule* big_smile

yay for sci-fi!

WC3 is good, but you can't play it at a slow, turn by turn pace, right?

I'm also interested, and I will (of course) suggest Freeciv, since it's, well, basically, free big_smile


Added the missing part of the translation, as asked by Nuala smile


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UPDATE 13/08/2018: We're on Discord now (sign of the times), and currently not using our IRC server. Instead, join us at https://discordapp.com/invite/BTevEU


A couple weeks ago, I prepared this little text for the future IRC help page of our future website. I just figured that I might as well put it here now. This is a work in progress and will be edited as needed.

Server information
host: irc.seedthecommunity.org
port: 6667

Chatzilla howto
get Chatzilla
1. Launch Chatzilla.

2. Type '/server irc.seedthecommunity.org' in the dialogue box.

3. Type '/nick <nickname>' to set your nickname if so wished.

4. Type '/join #seed' in the dialogue box or click on thr 'IRC' menu, select 'Join channel', highlight #seed and click 'Join'.

WebIRC howto + applet

Registering your nickname
To register your nickname:
/msg nickserv register <password>
This enables you to register your nickname on the server with a password so only you can use it. Replace <password> with your password tongue. Passwords *ARE* case sensitive.

To identify yourself later:
/msg nickserv identify <password>

This in mainly used to identify yourself on the server, and give you the op rights if needed.

Killing a ghost to recover your nickname
If you suddenly get disconnected from your isp or the irc server, sometimes a ghosted client will be left behind. This command can be used to kill the ghosted client so you can get your nickname back:
/msg nickserv ghost <nickname> [password]

Getting OP status
Always identify yourself with NickServer before joining a channel. That way, if you have the op rights on a channel, you will automatically opped when joining this channel.

If you forgot to identify your nickname before joining a channel, you can still ask to be opped, by issuing the op command in a private message to ChanServ. For example:
/msg chanserv op #seed will give you the op rights on #seed.

The different stats ;-)
http://irc.seedthecommunity.org/log/pisg/seed.html <- Misc stats
http://irc.seedthecommunity.org:8033/se … tal/words/ <- Chimbot's Live Stats (don't click on Misc Stats or you will kill Chimbot! Please! ;-)

http://irc.seedthecommunity.org/idlerpg/?node=players <- #idlerpg stats & game documentation
http://irc.seedthecommunity.org/idlerpg2/players.php <- #idlerpg2 stats & game documentation
http://irc.seedthecommunity.org/seedlerpg/?node=players <- #seedlerpg stats & game documentation

http://irc.seedthecommunity.org/log/ Logs of the channels


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I can't draw, but i'm looking forward to play with what you're doing big_smile
and if you need beta testers when you're finished...


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Sorry Wheri, it was a last minute change... it should be corrected now.


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*rummages through the forum to find dustman's G***le Earth post*

this was a great idea. Maybe it would be more successful if it was a web application. Easier to use, nothing to install.

You could try these:
http://www.platial.com/mapkit (this one needs to be setup inside a website)


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poll closed wink thanks for your participation


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hehehe I think that was my idea wink

and yes, teams apparently work like you said (just a way to sum the member's levels).


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We're making a Seed themed IdleRPG.

We've put our ideas on a wiki: http://idleseedrpg.pbwiki.com/
( the password is: seed!idle )

But first, we need to decide which bot will be used as a base.
Currently, we have 2 bots running, one on #idlerpg, and one on #idlerpg2. Please vote for the one that you prefer.

#idlerpg2 has a map
#idlerpg has teams and manual challenges
the code of #idlerpg looks better wink
idleprg2 also has alignments, which idlerpg1 does not have


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Grenoble, France


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well... same thing here wink


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Ahnion wrote:

We just need to get an overview of what we should focus on... and the results are pretty clear. smile

Firefox/gecko based. And Opera. But mostly Opera tongue


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Looks fun, but not for the near future I fear


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Bug discovered by Darkhawk on Chimbot: after 3 am, it will stop recording stats, until you part the channel and join again.


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Another idlerpg bot is running on #idlerpg2, with a different code base.
The stats for this one are here: http://irc.mkc.fr/players.php (temporary url)