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Name: Laura Wampfler     

Role On Team : Dalmite Conceptualist and Map maker

From a personal standpoint, what is it that attracted you to the Adellion project?
I came to Adellion as a player to roleplay. I wanted an environment where roleplay was encouraged and even enforced so I could avoid all those folks in other games who do not want to roleplay and discourage others to do so. I wanted a game where the programming was created to support roleplay, not a game where roleplay was a side attraction to the rest of the game. I believe Adellion will be this game.

Permadeath also makes the concept of grief-play much more important. What ways are there in Adellion to control grief-play? How will you prevent high-level players (or groups) to kill lower-level players for no particular reason?
Paul Hutson: Adellion will be very different to current MMOGs, players will be much more careful with their character - and those that do kill others will be hunted down by the players, it will more or less rely on player justice.
Of course no one character is stronger than another combat wise - any new player could take out a very experienced player (although it is unlikely), therefore even griefers could be killed.

Adellion features permadeath, albeit with a lot of safety measure built in. What effect do you think permadeath will have on player actions?
Paul Hutson: I believe players will be much more careful with their characters - they won't always seek to fight everyone they meet or run into every dangerous situation there is. It will bring real excitement to those that 'toy' with death - and real fear to those that don't want to meet it.

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[big]Adellion is a perma-death game[/big]

Is there permanent death?
Yes, however after a new character is created they have a period, 1 week, where they cannot be harmed, harm anyone else or use any of the rogue skills. After this period is over they may be killed or knocked unconscious. If they are killed they experience a 'near death' stage and wake up in the nearest hospital currently controlled by their default culture. A player may have 3 of these experiences but the third time they die for good and must continue playing as their heir or choose a new character. If they have no heir then they must create a new character. Heirs inherit all the physical goods of their previous avatar. If a player wishes death the first time they die and not use their 'near death', that is also a possibility.

So this game will support role-players? What exactly does that mean?
This means that we will be doing what we can to encourage the players of Adellion to role-play as if they were actual people living in Adellion's world. We will do this first and foremost by creating an environment that is believable and consistent. The world will for the most part function as you would expect the real world to function, with only a few exceptions determined by game mechanics. Features like our family system will allow players to forge a community that brings Adellion to life. These families will welcome newcomers and teach them how to play in a way that is consistent with the ideals of Adellion.

Why not a  seed Community in Adellion?

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Adellion is a world imagined and created by HonourBound and Adellion enthusiasts whom we can't thank enough for their input. Though the world classifies as a fantasy world, it holds many more similarities with our earthly reality than the norm of the fantasy-genre. In Adellion magic and other supernatural phenomena belong only in myths and beliefs.

Game Concept

HonourBound is creating a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) set on the world of Adellion. This means that it will be a game in which the players can interact over the Internet and together create the illusion of Adellion as a real breathing world. Our intention is for this to be more than just a game.

Adellion will be a diverse and vast world with many possibilities and options for the player. In fact anyone with enough dedication should be able to directly affect Adellion’s future. Founding a town, leading an army and farming land are all things which will be possible for the player to do.

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What do you think about Adellion  for RPG?
Sure ,it's a Beta ...but may be in some months.....

English Site :http://www.adellion.com/
French Site :http://www.adellion.com/fr/beta.php



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