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Well since no one else has posted their marks here I decided to contribute so that maybe others will make placemarks of their home too. There doesnt seem to be very high detail
satellite pictures from Kuopio but you'll have a clue where in Finland I live.

The placemark is available at:


Come on people, post your placemarks and share! (If you need a place to host the placemark I can do that in my server)


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What is this?!!? You call yourself roleplayers and still no one has mentioned

http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shame on you people! Shame on you!!!

But a little warning.. when you start you cant stop.. and you absolutely must start
from the beginning wink


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happy birthday!


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Here goes out a general plea to all of you! If you have _ANY_ Seed stuff that you dont see on my site, please contact me ASAP so you could send me that stuff and I can host it in my site. I'm looking into the possibility of opening up the Seed Wiki again on my site too. So please please, every pdf, txt, irc log, screenshot, concept art, video, anything related to Seed, bring it on and share!


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Okay the move is over now and I'm trying to find space to put all my stuff now and the webserver is back online.. The port had to be changed since I changed ISP as my friend allready had a net connection here and the new ISP blocks inbound traffic at the default http port and I hate that ISP since they have hundreds of restrictions like this with their connections. Anyways I have updated the address to the first post in this thread...

I have the game too and have an unused buddy code too.


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As I've been playing the game for almost a week now I took some screenshots that are available at my webserver at:



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There will be a short break for the server next week (last week in may) as I have to move to a new apartment. Dont know exactly what day I will be moving my computers there and when they will be back online. Of course this will happen on the last of may at the  latest and the current net connection should be hopefully be down first of june earliest. The good thing is that there is allready a working net connection in the apartment where I am moving to so I hope this will not be a long break. And I hope I can fit all my stuff to the new place too yikes


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NOOO!! More butter!!!


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I have today upgraded the harddrive of the server to a huge 160gb one big_smile
That also means that if any of you want to host your seed stuff on my site too,
just give me a PM and we will work something out. All for free of course.


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I have managed to setup a Gentoo linux system that is currently holding all my Seed stuff, shared for all of you people. I have only 512k upstream so the site wont be fast but neither are the files very big. I didn't do much sorting of what I put there so there might be some strange garbage with those files.. but hey enjoy what I had at:


7.6.2007 I did a complete rework on the directory structure of the stuff I'm hosting and also made a directory to hold every directory as a zipped version for easy download.

8.6.2007 The site is now updated with concept art and some concept videos and also with a big set of pictures from Arash. wink Plus some other screenies. Thanks for Darkhawk, Ahnion and Skrylar for most these.

14.6.2007 Finally overcame the huge difficulties we had on having any sort of file transfer between Norah so now theres a) an FTP for uploading stuff that you can access if you need (of course you need the access from me first) b) 2 beta vids from Norah! Thank you very much and the videos are available now!

14.6.2007 Darkhawk was kind enough to have his Seed client packed up and uploaded for the enjoyment of you all! Of course the client is sort of useless since there are no servers to connect to but there are instructions on this forum how to use the files there to walk in the tower once more.

14.6.2007 Another update today. I finally managed to make some html pages so the address has changed a bit. Also thanks go to Dustman for a concept picture I was missing and Oluf for a pre-beta concept picture (the org.jpg very special picture).

16.6.2007 Finally after overcoming the difficulties at connecting, hatetank has been uploading lots of new stuff to the site. You can find all of that under Nicks_Seed_Dump folder for now.


If you have any Seed stuff that isnt found on my server, please contact me so we can get your stuff available for everyone! Screenshots, txt-files, everything is wanted!!



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HOLY CRAP! I think this is a bit scary but Darkhawk looks like he could be my brother yikes Altho I cut my hair short a few months back... Looks like you guys had fun there, I wish I could've been there but my personal and financial life is so messed up at the moment and the last week in school with x^y exams... Maybe next year then smile

P.S. Never move in with a woman!

Is Mecha a transves.... transv... tran.... OH MY GOD! I HAVE TO DELETE HIM/HER FROM MY MSN! FAST!


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Here is the link to the video I made about Seed:

http://webd.savonia-amk.fi/www/kt47566/ … _video.avi

I had to remove it from the other website.. Just right click on the link and "save as..."


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I have the full game and well.. It totally rocks! Nothing like a quick thermonuclear war to let out some steam (no pun intended as you can buy the game from Steam)... tongue Anyone up for a game can just gimme a shout! smile


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Those of you who use servers that are not listed in the IRCnet.com serverlist, you could post servers here so others can access the chat more easily..


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I am still partly known as Sekra and also now I am partly known as Psykiatri...


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This section looked so empty so here's a quick help to join us in IRCnet (after RUNEnet goes down):

fire up your favorite irc client like
Chatzilla or a

Then you gotta go find a server. Now this is the "tricky" part altho it usually is very easy if you know what you're doing.
IRCnet is made of tens, even hundreds of servers which are linked as one big network. Because of much abuse many
of the servers are limited to a specific country or a specific ISP only. So the first place for you to look a irc-server to join
is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) settings page or FAQ page or similar. If your ISP doesnt have a server of its own,
then try this list:

IRCnet.com serverlist

and again,  try to find a server as close to you as possible.

Only after these steps have failed should you try a server list that is in your client!
Those lists are usually out-of-date and don't have your local servers listed as they should be.

After getting in its just the matter of typing:

/join #seed

and voilá!

If many people have much difficulties joining IRCnet which should be the most easy to access since it is the "original" irc network,
we might consider migrating to another network. But lets stick to IRCnet for now, mmkay?? smile

P.S. You should be able to connect with the webclient from anywhere and join the channel to ask for more help if you need it.

Someone should definitely save more of the background story etc. from the website if not allready done so.. Specially now that we have no idea how long the stuff will be available there... I might do some of this today from school if I got the time.


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