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Hey all!

I think a lot of you know the Google Earth program, now as you might know, you can create placemarks wherever you want, and also, you can share it with your friends. So, I would like to ask those who are interested, to make placemarks to the place where you live, and post a link on the file here. Also there is a Sketching program, where you can model anything (the free version is quite primitive, but you can export it right into the Google Earth), and place it where it really is. You can also post it as a file, so we can even see each others home, if you find the time for a little modelling.

So, that said, here are my 2 placemarks, one is only a little marker to show the exact place, the other is the 3d model:

For those who can't figure out what I'm talking about, like using Google Earth, or Google SketchUp or you need a place for the file, and you can't upload it anywhere, be sure to post your question here, I will try to answer them as well as I can (also anyone who can help please do smile

I hope to see lot's of placemarks and models!

p.s.: Also, if someone can post the placemark for the Runestone offices in Aarhus, please do.

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Well since no one else has posted their marks here I decided to contribute so that maybe others will make placemarks of their home too. There doesnt seem to be very high detail
satellite pictures from Kuopio but you'll have a clue where in Finland I live.

The placemark is available at:

Come on people, post your placemarks and share! (If you need a place to host the placemark I can do that in my server)

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Here's mine:

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And mine.

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