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Alternative history is in my experience (mostly from Turtledove-books) similar to our history, society and technology but on many peculiar or important points totaly different.

Equality of women doesn't have to be debated endlessly, for we know there is a possibility that in our created world men and woman don't differentiate much in strength, intellect or interest. It just happens that women are the one bringing children into the world and men have to make sure that during these moment of vulnerability (to my knowledge women who are into their 9th month aren't as agile as they were 9 months before) they are protected properly.

On the point of saying if you do magic we might aswell do fantasy. Just read "Toxic Spell Dump" of Harry Turtledove. This books describes a world were technology never came along and everything is ran through some form of magic (from phones to coffee-machines). Yet nothing in the whole story feels asif yer reading fantasy.
Although fantasy and alernative history do like to brush shoulders, but you can only speak of AH if you have differences but still plenty of exact similarities. Fantasy usually creates complete realities from scratch.


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Sandling wrote:

I'm offended by the continent "America". North America and South America are actually seperate thanks to the Panama canal, and just saying America makes people think of the USA. Canada exists too! ...and Mexico I guess.

Actually if i see America i think of the continent, if i see North America i think of the US, Canada and Greenland. So you have to select America or else i'll force you :demon:


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Pfft, don't come complaining to me that the net-worth of this place is going to drop faster than the shares of a east-asian gospel production studio


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Antwerp, Belgium

And on the northpoler, some people living in most northern parts of finland actually are northpolers


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Not to be a nag, but I think the paint is starting to flake up in that left corner *points*

For the rest it's a nice new place


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I just want to know if we are going to use factions?

I had an idea of having a ruling class of people born with magical skills who deny anyone of being able to study it. Their philosphy is that the art of magic is for those that are deemed worthy to wield and hence are born with it. A group of people who have been studying it secretly and there fore have aquired certain skills through training and research rise up against this.

It's an alternative twist and mix to what happened somewhere after the middle-ages where people began to reject the absolute power impossed on them through the Catholic Church and resulted in various break-offs such as protestantism and with a bit of Enlighting (research and trainin vs dogmatism) mixed in with it.

The ruling class could be called the Magistratrum (Magi...you get it *winks*) and factions of the "rebels" could be named af their leaders (for example The Midragarians) or their newly invented name for their philosophy ( for example The Codexists, who mostly promote studying of books and reject the simple teachings through experience).

Classes that aren't magic wielders or just down right not interested in it can either join one of the factions or create their own anti-magic movement (like those who reject religion in all it forms on the basis that it can't be proven through science).

It's just a rough idea that might work with the DnD setting but feels somewhat close to the real world roughly around the middle-ages.


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I could assist were needed aswell, just mind that i have no clue of how to work with the editor. Furthest i got so far i making one single room ^^


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Firefox all of the time unless a program opens u a link through IE

I could mark Firefox as my primary, but apparently XP marks it as primary for all users and my mother can't handle the pressure of having to study the various processing commands that a difficult such as that demands.

I prefere a combination of "Contamination Wasteland" and "Cthulhu Wakes Up"

Gives the people a nice choice between being eaten up, torn apart, experimented on or wasting away under massive accelerated cancers, pocks and sores.


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I'd go for  the "Alternate History Medieval Setting"

The available tileset are good enough for this yet the setting being alternate i leaves room open for some not so medieval additions (like steam-tech in Warhammar) or at the very least give a more interesting setting to live in than the real medieval kind of working day and night and die from various diseases just after your 16th birthday.


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Based on the fact that i couldn't get my hands on two of the biggest expansions (hotu & SoU) for the first one i couldn't play most of the newer community created modules.
Only bought NWN a few months ago to see if NWN2 might be worht my attention...and it did.

Anyway i prefere NWN2 as i can now at least enjoy all community created modules properly...and dwarfs look less rediculous than in the first instalment.


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I am new in fact.
I got here through my Swedish connection that dates back to his days in WoW. I'm still playing it (on a rp realm) and i'm also playing nwn 2 atm.

Tabletop wise i'm playing Warhammer Quest and someone also asked if i'd like to join in on a game of 'N00B' DnD...but i doubt that i have the time for it and the 'N00B' part makes me fear for my life and eternal soul...