Topic: NWN or NWN2?

Since the question was raised, here's a poll about which game we should use.

The advantages of each game are as such (as far as I can see, and they're pretty obvious):

[death]Neverwinter Nights:[/death]
• Everyone can run the game.
• Enormous amount of custom content to choose from. (To the point that it actually gets hard to sort out the best stuff.)
• Linux server.
• Bugs and quirks well worked out and documented.
• Several people in the community already have experience with the Aurora toolset.

[death]Neverwinter Nights 2:[/death]
• A lot better looking.
• Higher new player attraction value.
• More intimate and therefore RP-inspiring environments.
• According to promises (hard to verify at this point) a better scripting system and more dynamic scene creation in the toolset.
• Some new features, such as a world-map with destination choices and more NPCs in your party. (Not necessarily applicable.)
• More custom content forthcoming, though it will most likely take quite a while (as in at the very least a year) for it to reach NWN levels.

Re: NWN or NWN2?

i voted for nwn2 or nothing.....only based on the fact that i dont own a legal copy of nwn1 wink

Re: NWN or NWN2?

Neverwinter Nights or nothing, at least for the foreseeable future. I won't be buying a game with the required specs so far beyond what my computer can handle - SoR is painful enough to play.

Re: NWN or NWN2?

Whenever I get over to my friend's place to test his copy of NWN2 on this thing, I'll let you know. Also, Autodesk can go **** themselves, I am not paying $3459 for a 3D Studio Max license.

Edit: By thing, I mean laptop with crappy GPU.

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Re: NWN or NWN2?

Sandling: I know it's not entirely politically correct to say this... but... do like everyone else who starts learning 3DS or Photoshop. Pirate! wink

Re: NWN or NWN2?

There in lies the second problem: 3DS is in version 9. My crappy bookstores (including the one online) sell books with tutorials up to version 3. Kinda stupid... and redundant at this point.

Re: NWN or NWN2?

Based on the fact that i couldn't get my hands on two of the biggest expansions (hotu & SoU) for the first one i couldn't play most of the newer community created modules.
Only bought NWN a few months ago to see if NWN2 might be worht my attention...and it did.

Anyway i prefere NWN2 as i can now at least enjoy all community created modules properly...and dwarfs look less rediculous than in the first instalment.