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With the announcement that the game was closing down, the designer at RGD released several of their admin blogs to us on the Seed forums. The idea was obviously that we might as well see what was really going on, since it was all coming to an end and it wouldn't hurt the storyline.

How do people feel about the players doing the same thing?

Whilst there is nothing really earth-shaking there, I imagine that people from Rings like KDS and Evolution would find several of the posts on The Mission's members only message board forums to be interesting reading. And I know that we'd be equally intersted to find out what our rival were up to, and what people really thought of us when we weren't there to overhear.

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But Tantavalist.. You know we had spies in all rings and knew exactly what they were up to.. We already know all their dark secrets!

Apart from that, it's fine by me to reveal a few secrets. Also, there might be some texts on our TM boards that I would like to save, and these will go somewhere on this forum instead.

For now, here's a link to quite a few dark secrets:

I'd be interested in hearing just WHAT Kidd was suggesting to help Thosam with, and just what info he gave him about blockers. Care to share Thosam?

And Kryigerofe, maybe all in here, including TM members, don't know your dark secret. I hope you'll share (otherwise I will wink)

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Secrets? Me? How dare you think such a thing....

Especially since the only offer I got from Kidd was to re-route the CAC-power not to the Lower Cluster but into RingLab Beta.

As for blockers, that started out of a simple little exagerration on my behalf that suddenly got picked up by the GMs and was spun on.

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Haha! you shoudl have taken Kidd up on his offer wink

There is one thing I have been wondering (mostly aimed at arash).... what was the deal with Anabelle anyway? I never figured out if she was a doublespy for KDS or for TM! To be honest I think she was just trying to gather as much dirt on us all as she could heh

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As I originally thought, she was an undercover supporter of New Eden. A really interesting and probably fiendish ring opposed to TSR that we were investigating.

As for KDS and TM, she was loyal to us actually. The story about telling TM she spied for us, when she did spy for you, she had to tell you because Arash made that incredibly bad mistake of sending the wrong /tell.

And Thosam, I thought as much about Kidd. We expected you two to do something like that - so maybe you didn't do it because you knew it was too apparent? Did you invent blockers and the committee yourself when you were talking to Neshor?

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we didn't do as it wouldn't be the Evo-way of doing things. Why sneak around behind your back when I can slap it in your face directly?

As for The Commitee and blockers, those were a complete invention n myparts. It's amazing how a private conversation gets spread around... Especially when you have it in full earshot of CAC...

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As I've already mentioned, KDS had far too few dark secrets. The Anabelle deal was supposed to be one, but apparently it wasn't. Most of the anti-TM propaganda was out in the open. One dark secret would probably be, though, that Neshor wasn't actually sorry about anything Oluf said.:)

We did try to fake some readings to make the ringlab situation look more dire, but I don't know if anyone noticed. We also talked about alliances to Thosam and Esme (who apparently was with you), but little useful came from it either. It's amazing how much paranoia those little things seem to have caused in your end, though.

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Yeah we faked some of the readings in the power leech (kitty asked me to go and do the readings heh) and it was my plan to have usede em as a slap in the face if the chimbot didnt make it.

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Yes, Neshor, The Mission got to Nova Gaia very early on, and we were allies for quite a while. It fell apart when Esme's friendship with Arash deteriorated suddenly. So Esme was trying to work herself into an alliance with KDS and Evo, but not only for her own purposes...