Topic: Letter of Invitation

((written in a flowery script, very tradionally Matis))

It would please us, the Seeds of Atys, to see you and any companions you wish to bring with you to celebrate our official founding.

We will host a party in the city of Zora, around the Temple Hall district. We will be providing an assortment of refreshments and bewerages, as well as a short welcoming speech.

With this invitation, we wish to say a huge thank you to all we have met and who have helped us with so many things. Please come prepared for a relaxed evening, talking and a free flow of quality refreshments.

The celebration will start in the 11th hour of (("insert something substituting 'sunday here, as the Atys calendar only has 6 days" At 23.00 GMT))

We hope your schedules will leave you time to pop by.

On behalf of the Seeds of Atys,

Dagannys, Kendrus, Perun and Wheri - councilors of the Seeds

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