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I’m roleplaying myself in URU (but with a different name).
In the game, though the face is customisable, and you can choose being skinny or fat (or anywhere in between), all chars are of equal height, and they all move and do emotes in the same way. URU is no different here than many other games. Games just cannot provide as much detail as real life.

So in this thread you can give that detail. We can then get a better image of the char in game, I’m sure we all have enough imagination to imagine the mannerisms and body language of the chars in game, even though it’s not actually visible in game.

Please do not give background info, personality info, and such things in this thread. That would be OOC information, that we won’t know if we haven’t met your char, or even if we have met them. Giving info on physique and certain mannerisms, though, is fully IC; the things that should go in this thread are the kind of things that would be obvious when you meet a person.

Please only make one post per character. You can update the info by simply editing the post, if it's needed.
Apart from that do feel free to comment in the thread, as long as you keep the descriptions to one post per character.

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Re: Character physique and mannerisms

So here goes for my char Eilis (me):

Mannerisms and voice information:

-    She tends to be just a bit stiff, not very loose, in how she holds herself and when she walks, though she often tries to keep this in mind and stand and walk more loosely. It will slip in sometimes though. Like for instance: when standing still, clutching her hands together in front of her, unless there’s something to lean against. Even the leaning against something probably won’t look very elegant. Just think geek.

-    She will not look you in the eye when talking to you. She’ll probably not even be facing you.

-    When talking to people she doesn’t know well (i.e. good friends and close family), she’ll display some tic-like behaviour with her hand: she’ll press her right hand or a few fingers to the side of her head right next to her eye (I’ll ask for a picture next time I do this and I’ll consider posting it tongue).

-    She’ll bite the inside of her lips and mouth, and pick at the skin around her fingers, in private. But she will probably slip up quite a few times and do it in public as well.

-    When sitting, she’s likely to move her feet, sometimes just the toes.

-    Her voice has been said to be rather flat when talking to people she doesn’t know well.

-    Her voice is low, for a woman’s.

Physical information that isn’t apparent in the game:

-    Eilis is 1.75 meters tall, you can look up what that is in inches yourself, I’m too lazy to do it.

-    She likes to wear kind of metal/gothic-ish jewellery, but the game won’t let you, at least not earrings and a choker at once, and only very bland stuff.

-    She has black hair, but she dyes it black, it’s actually very light blond, and roots will be showing quite often.
The hairstyle in game is close to the real hair, but not quite: it's actually just straight, and my hair is a bit longer than the game hair IRL. The game doesn't offer any other long straight hair than this, except in ponytails, and I never wear a ponytail.

-    If she forgets to wear her glasses she’ll squint her eyes quite badly when trying to see things that are farther away from her than 2 or 3 meters or so.

-    She’ll usually wear at least black mascara, and often also black eyeliner sort of around her eyes.

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Re: Character physique and mannerisms

And this description is for my char, Chris White (a more 'hip' edit of my own name I admit).

Mannerisms and voice information:

- He smiles often, but very seldom in any real animated way, the same with other emotions, they will tend to appear controlled or muted.

- Mostly he'll be seen studying things and people with a look of curious interest, often in a detached manner.

- When sitting for longer periods of time, one leg will start to jump up and down slightly in a quick pace.

- When he talks, he'll tend to talk a lot, often 'stealing' a conversation. When he listens, he'll tend to give you the impression he's fully 'there', giving you all of his focus.

- When not talking or listening, he'll appear distant, caught up in his own world and might very well miss noticing things around him, including people adressing him from far off.

- his demeanor consequently exudes a kind of 'unfazeability' no matter what happens. This can either seem comforting or actually quite unsettling depending on the eye that sees.

Physical information that isn’t apparent in the game:

- the beard is much longer, almost as long as the neck, slightly reddish and more chaotic and tangled than neat.

- The hair is around thrice as long, and always carried in a pony-tail.

- He has a tattoo on his left forearm. Small, but quite noticable up close. There's a checkmark in rainbow colors followed by the word 'Amiga'.

- He's around 1.98 meters tall without footwear, and well-muscled except for a small 'beerbelly' (hard to create that on the char).

- The clothes he wears is close to what he can be seen wearing ingame. Differences are that he'll walk in black boots, and his black t-shirts will have political slogans or symbols on them. Most commonly a red star. At least when he's new in the cavern, but after a week or so, he'll change to only wearing pure black t-shirts.

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