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Well, I've been on a 3 week hiatus from working on Seed, but I'm back and am wrapping up work on the basic features of the game.

While I wait for some level design and art stuff I was thinking about a few features we might add to the levels. One idea I particularly like is having some areas lights be off when a certain panel in that area is broken, and then have Infrared Goggles to help see while they are off. Any other ideas for level features(or just general features) that you'd like to see but never made it into the original Seed?

"All good things must come to an end." I like to believe that Seed will go to heaven, after all, it didn't have a chance to commit MMO sins...

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I'm guessing that art stuff would be me huh? I'll try to finish some things up, but Im getting into heavy portfolio work in order to get into school next semester.

Anyways, the tracer goggles in Seed never actually worked, so having different visible EM frequencies would be neat, but the IR glasses are pretty close to that anyways.

Macro Manipulators were also in the concept art but nothing ever really got done with them. Maybe we could have some box-stacking/heavy lifting activities?

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Well, I could make some art stuff too if you ask me (having access to Qube engine and Seed's database). I always wanted the research and TAU interface having advenced features, for example hacking, searching for infobits, breaking into other seeds notes, datas, lockers and finally their interface (for example you could see where they are and what they do/think while you are connected to the TAU node.

Other thing would be lockers. We had these locker rooms, but never had lockers for rings and/or seeds. That would be fine, of course with regulations on the number and weight of stuff you can carry or store.

Also, it would be nice, if you could deposit your materials in SPs/deposits, so that TAU manages the quantities of your materials and it transfers them to the factories when you build something. (and of course this database and the factories could be hacked of course wink )

Hmm... I had quite some stuff here, I hope you'll like some of them.



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Awesome, that's exactly the kind of stuff I needed to hear. Keep it coming, I'll put as much in as I can.

Don't sweat it Sandling, I'm just glad to have some art help(and everyone who's seen my art is probably pretty glad as well hehe)

Dustie, if you don't mind helping with art, I'm sure we could use it. You should probably coordinate with sandling so we don't do dupes.

The basic format is 32x32 images for people/tools/tiles, 64x64 for structures like sharepoints.

"All good things must come to an end." I like to believe that Seed will go to heaven, after all, it didn't have a chance to commit MMO sins...

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Don't fret about the sharepoint, I actually have it 90% done.

It's just a case of straightening out some colours on it, I think I have to set it back to grey scale and then re-colour it to get it right.

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hello, I will want to know if seed will become free now that it closed ?

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hey killman42.

This site is not connected in any way to runestone. We are simply part of the old seed community who tries to get some good roleplaying going in other we are not really the right people to ask smile

Its very unlikely that it will be free. It has been closed for a long time now and we dont really knows what is happening with the game. I doubt it will be released to the public.

edit: As a note, the seed game that is mentioned in this thread is a homemade project and is not connected to the "official" game