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This is a list of the different projects being done in the tower. Please only post new topics - discussion on topics can be done on the message board.

Last updated: 15.1.105

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Processor Core 17 Restoration Project

Contact person: McGregor - Tower Engineering Society
Location: Silo
Time: Completed

We're going to do a large scale restoration job on the TAU Processor Core 17, located in the Silo in Labspace. This project is of utmost importance, since the Core is used by many of the TAUs AI processes, as well as the research stations in Labspace. Right now the core is working at only 65% capacity.

We require specialists in hardware to repair/replace the many circuits fried by the lightning strike. We also need skilled software engineers and AI specialists to reinstall many of the basic AI computing protocols.

Completed on 9.11.104: The core is now running at 92 % capacity - the best we can reasonably hope with current level of tools and spare parts.

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TAU Basecode Project

Contact person: Cassia - Dreamers of Gaia
Location: Everywhere
Time: Ongoing

We're working on recovering the lost knowledge on the workings of Terraforming Assistance Unit. Having exhausted the databases we have on hand, we're using reverse engineering to do this. We monitor and experiment with TAU's processes to decipher the very complex programming of it, working up from the very basic protocols.

We've already gained understanding on protocol levels 1 to 36, which has allowed us to program our own functions into TAU. However, we estimate we need to learn at least up to level 52, before we can start changing TAU's own processes. Since the complexity of these protocols increases with each level, we estimate several years of research to accomplish this milestone.

We need specialists in AI hardware and AI software. However, more general experience on hardware and software will also be useful.

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Pit Decontamination Project

Contact person: Agatha - The Horizon, Toko - Bio Security Squad
Location: The Pit
Time: Completed

We're planning a big operation to clean the Pit from the Gray Algae that's been contaminating it. We need anyone who has access to appropriate tools and safety gear to participate!

Please remember that until that time the Pit is still off-limits to everyone!

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Lower Cluster Exploration

Contact person: Mihailo - Da Vinci Prospectors, Oliver - Tower Engineering Society, Tino - The Horizon
Location: The Core
Time: Ongoing

We're looking for ways downwards from our current habitats. A lot of very important equipment is located below us, not the least of which are the Speedgrowth Chamber, The Reactor, and Storage Chambers 1 to 4.

So far we've met many obstacles on the way down. Since the Tower was designed to be maintained by the Chimbots, there are few passages large enough for humans to traverse. In addition the storm caused serious damage down there - it's a miracle of engineering that the Tower hasn't collapsed altogether. Nevertheless, huge leaks of radiation, as well as toxic and corrosive substances, plague many of the areas. One of the main power conduits seems to have been severely damaged as well, causing massive, random power spikes around the machinery, making exploration a deadly business.

We need specialists in Tower Construction as well as general Engineering to analyze our data to find the likeliest routes downwards. But in particular we need explorers. We don't lie to you, it's a very dangerous job - 7 of our 24 explorers have died so far. Any understanding on the Tower's technology is a great help for an explorer, but above all the job requires nerves of steel, patience and caution.

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Deepened Human Genome Project

Contact person: Chia Pao - Servants of Evolution
Location: Labspace
Time: Ongoing

We're in the process of creating a comprehensive map of the various interactions of our genes by using advanced gene sequencing and amino acid interpretation techniques.

We need people with the ability to think beyond the conventional, to find solutions no one's thought of before. Our specialty areas are biology, cybernetics and genetics, but we work also with mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

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The Lurker Inspection

Contact person: Sebastian - The Horizon
Location: Towerwide, focusing on the Maze of Stairs
Time: Ongoing

This team has been put together to inspect the threat of the outlaws, commonly called "Lurkers", inhabiting the Maze of Stairs and possibly other areas within the Tower structure.

Anyone with any information or suspicions regarding the Lurkers, please contact us at once.

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Securing life support

Contact person: Claude - The French Clique, Sara - The Watch
Location: Everywhere (Recspace and Ringlab B being the main areas)
Time: Ongoing

A recent simulation done for other purposes showed just how vulnerable life support in the tower can be. The aim of this project is to determine the level of risk, find the critical points in the system and to strengthen them as nessecary.

Current progress
Design and simulation of solutions in the Labspace area is completed. Reconstruction of the Ringlab B structures has began. Resources for the work have been gathered, but more is always welcome.

Leadership of the combined project has been handed over to Claude of the French clique.

The first simulation has been run and our findings shows that this, unfortunately, is a genuine concern. The true extent of these weaknesses have yet to be uncovered but entire sections of our cluster might be cut off! (Details accessible through TAU)

Thus, we're currently looking for seeds willing to help with this project (both hands and tools to do the work and minds to design the needed alterations) as well as donations of materials to be able to implement backup systems in certain critical areas.


This project is presently in the implementation phase and most current requirements have been met. In the future we'll continue to need further manpower and resources.

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TAU Master Processes Project

Contact person: Jaana - Society of Free Colonists
Location: Below the Middle Cluster
Time: Canceled

As we all know, TAU has been severely fragmented. There are at least three fragments that are not able to communicate with each other. Those are: the Middle Cluster fragment, the Lower Cluster fragment, and TAU Master Processes.

The interesting thing about TAU Master Processes is that that is the part designed to be in charge of TAU, so to speak. Thus it has the most processing power and AI algorithms of the fragments. And we can gain access to those resources if we see this project through.

What I'm suggesting is to reconnect the Middle Cluster fragment with TAU Master Processes. For this we must venture down into the structure below the Middle Cluster, for approximately 200 meters, where the Master Process Core is located. By building a series of relay stations we will then reconnect the fragments.

I'm working on this with Da Vinci Prospectors but we need anyone with the technological knowledge needed to build the relay stations. That means, hardware, software, power, and structural engineering. If you want to take part in the project, please contact me.

Canceled on December 104: Unfortunately, after careful study of the data we have of the power spike, it seems very likely that the Master Process Core has been seriously damaged. So seriously that it's better to focus on our existing AI resources for the time being, instead of risking a dangerous journey.

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Knowledge Transfer Project

Contact Person: Hansila - Society of Free Colonists
Location: Ringlab A
Time: Ongoing

Our continued lack of access to TAU’s databases, coupled with people coming from the floatbeds with less knowledge than they should have, and the current dire situation in the Tower calling for a lot more knowledge than even normal speedgrown people have, has led to this project, which will look into ways of transferring knowledge from person to person in the same manner that TAU transfers knowledge to us in our speedgrowth and our learning modules. It will enable Seedlings to gain much more knowledge much quicker than staying dependent on the learning modules and experience from putting theoretical knowledge into action.

((By Norah))

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Terraforming Organisms Project

Contact Person: Cassia - Dreamers of Gaia
Location: Ringlab A
Time: Ongoing

We could help along the terraforming process in ways that do not require access to and repairing so much of TAU’s machinery. The algae that were once released, no matter how wrong it went, are a good example of how we could get this process back on track, help it along.
We will need to do extensive research, much more than what was done prior to releasing the algae, to make sure no more mutations occur, no more changes that could make the atmosphere even worse than it is. However, if we can accomplish this, we could help along the greater ideal of our colonization of this planet, without it taking much of our time and attention that is needed to keep the Tower running. The organisms would do their work wholely on their own, needing only to be monitored at set times.
We would finally be doing more than only fighting for our lives.

((By Norah))

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Outside Exploration Project

Contact Person: Mihailo - Da Vinci Prospectors
Location: Outside, planning and preparation in Labspace and The Canyon
Time: Planning/support gathering ongoing

Am I the only one wondering what is out there? There are tales about older
colonists having attempted to build vehicles and travel to the old tower, to find out what happened there, and to find resources we could use. While earlier attempts seem to
have all failed, I propose we launch another such exploration, building sturdy, all-purpose vehicles, stuff them with measuring equipment and hardy explorers, then make off once more.

Let us try to learn what went wrong in the past before we build these vehicles, but let's not let past failures stop us! This is an important project that will gain us:

- Knowledge of the past and of the planet
- Resources, possibly a way to get in touch with the ship above the planet
- A huge boost in morale, exploration always does that

We need support for this idea. Once that is secured, we need experts able to build measurement equipment, engineers to design and build the vehicles, daring explorers to man them. Anyone with knowledge of previous expeditions are also very much welcome to get in touch with us as advisors.

((By Darkhawk))

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Right to Health Project

Contact Person: Khitasang - The Common Good
Location: mostly in Ringlab B
Time: Being planned

No matter how good a research project they may make for some people in this Tower, the way people come out of Floatbed Column 6 - all mangled, not even alive, close to death, or barely able to function and forced to be nothing but a burden on others - is just wrong. If we can find out what exactly goes wrong in this floatbed column, and fix it, we would be removing a killing machine, and making sure no one else comes out that can’t keep up with the rest of us and this hostile environment. Inevitably new people will be hatched, but at least they will be able to contribute to making our situation better, if they come out healthy like the rest of us.

This is a difficult project, since we need access to the Speedgrowth Chamber in the Lower Cluster, but we must not let this obstacle stop us. It's our duty to those yet to be hatched, to go there, despite the risk.

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Church of Unity

Contact Person: Balthazar - The One Faith
Location: Rooms off Lockerhall Alpha
Time: Planning/support gathering ongoing

Our daily sermons in Lockerhall Alpha have proven to be popular - there is a
need for spiritual content in the lives of many of us. Therefore we believe
the time is right to begin planning the next step, that is build a house of
proper religious and spiritual worship. We welcome all input in how to
construct and decorate such a church. Perhaps it will be divided into
sections for each old faith, or perhaps we shall try to make one church for
all of us? Come join us for discussions about this after our sermons in
Lockerhall Alpha.

There is no need to rush this project, and it must be entered into with a
spirit of cooperation. We do not wish to lay the seed to the religious
strife that plagued Earth in older times. We are together in this, our faith
and belief that there is a conscious force above us. Let us also be united
in this.

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Independence from TAU

Contact Person: Corteza - The Way of Life
Location: Everywhere where TAU has control
Time: Early phases of research

The Blackout showed us clearly what happens if we rely too much on machines an computer AIs. We were lucky it lasted only for half a day. Time to act is now! Next time, we could be left to starve unless we're prepared!

TAU was created to serve us, not the other way around, and this is what this project aims to fix. We need to become independent of it, and gain full control of its functions. We've started by research on our digestive systems - we need to be able to digest food if floatbeds go inactive again. Later on, we'll look into ways to create our own floatbeds, uncontrolled by TAU, and finally, getting rid of them altogether. We expect resistance from the TSR as well as those whom the current power structure benefits.

Anyone is welcome to contribute, but we're specifically looking into experts in human biology, floatbeds, and computer sciences.

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Tyler's Ailment - the Recurrance

Contact Person: Khitasang - The Common Good
Location: The Common Good Hospital
Time: Ongoing - urgent!

We believed we had cured the hybrid DNA based skin cancer brought on us by Tyler's irresponsible actions. We assumed too much. On 5.1.105, we identified a second generation colonist as a carrier of the disease. She has been guarantined.

The tower population needs to be screened against this potent epidemic. Unfortunately, in its dormant state, the disease agent is very hard to detect by normal methods. New methods will need to be researched, as well as the ailment itself. It's possible, even likely, that it has mutated to resist the treatments developed during the original epidemic in 88 AA. Thus, research on a vaccine/cure is needed.

We seek advanced immunologists, genobiologists, and pharmacists, as well as generalist medical and biology personnel to work as assistants. In addition, we're going to need volunteer test subjects to act as control group. Even though the tests will be performed with maximum precautions, there's always risk of unforeseen side effects.

I need to stress this to everyone: this project is urgent!

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Core Elevator Project

Contact Person: Oliver - Tower Engineering Society
Location: The Core
Time: Ongoing (since November 104)

Since the Prospectors are doing a lot of exploration down the Core lately, they've asked us to build an elevator that will replace their not-so-safe "Spider" vehicle. Later, we're hoping to finally start cleaning up the mess of junk blocking the core halfway down.

We need the usual folks for this kind of job - if you're qualified you probably know it.