Topic: RP Event: "The Soul of a Poet"

Another RP event comming up!

Exact time is not yet confirmed - but until further notice Im hoping on running this event
thursday 29th of march (this week), at 10.30pm GMT (that would be half hour before midnight here in Denmark).

Meeting place will be the upper floor of Frogmore Place in Fairhaven.

Drakfot the poet has been ill for some time... She is plagued by memory lapses and painfull coughing fits - all following a traumatic experience.

Her condition has seriously deteriorated, but a hope lies with a healer in the heart of the Zoraï jungles. The journey is not without dangers however, and once there she will need the help of her friends and supportive homins to save the soul of a poet.

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Re: RP Event: "The Soul of a Poet"

UPDATE: Moved event start forward to 10.30 pm (gmt). I dont expect this event to last more than a few hours (but who knows once RP sets in wink )