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Most of the skill training is done by downloading information from TAU's databases. The process uses a colony of nanites in the brain, directed by the necklink, allowing efficient use of brain capacity. The information downloaded is pure factual knowledge - no memories of experiences is included. The information comes from a backup database, so only crucial information is available - that is, mostly, maintenance and research related skills, and no Earth culture/history or other obscure skills that were available during speedgrowth.

While most of the skill training consists of these downloads, practice also counts. Everybody is assumed to spend their waking times usefully, so any skills learned from self study or practice is included in the normal skill-learning system. You might, however, want to self-study something not available in the backup databases. In those cases you study the skill normally (rules-wise), but can not take several levels in a row (since you're downloading something else at the same time). The maximum level you can reach in such a skill may also be limited by the GM.

(I hope you can understand what's written above...)

The skills currently defined in Skill Tracker are (difficulty in brackets, required skill level on the arrow):

  -2-> Plasma Conduits(3)
  -2-> Superconductors(3)
Structural Engineering(2)
  -2-> Tower Engineering(3)
  -2-> Wind Engineering(3)
  -2-> Safety Engineering(3)
  -2-> Security(4)
  -5-> Artificial Intelligences(5)

  -1-> First Aid(1)
  -2-> Pharmacy(3)
  -2-> Psychiatry(3)
  -3-> Surgery(4)
  -4-> Neurology(5)
  -5-> Bioengineering(5)


  -1-> Botany(3)
  -1-> Zoology(3)
  -1-> Micology(3)
  -2-> Virology(3)
  -4-> Genetics(5)
  -2-> Organic Chemistry(3)
  -2-> Inorganic Chemistry(3)
  -3-> Nuclear Chemistry(4)
  -4-> Quantum Chemistry(5)
  -2-> Statistics(3)
  -1-> Dynamics(1)
  -2-> Electromagnetism(2)
  -2-> Astrophysics(3)
  -3-> Nuclear Physics(4)
  -3-> Quantum Physics(4)

  -1->Zen (2)

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