Topic: The Common Good

Name: The Common Good
Formed: 21.7.102
Organization: Hierarchical
Leadership: One leader (elected)
Status: Active

The Common Good is a loose organisation of doctors dedicated to help anyone in need.

One of us is always stationed at the surgery stations in Labspace, so come see us there if you feel unwell. On more urgent matters, call the public emergency line and tell us where you are and what happened, and one of us will be there as soon as possible.

If you're dedicated to saving the lives of others, we gladly welcome you to join our ranks. Our members range from quick first aid professionals to highly-skilled specialists. We collaborate closely with Da Vinci Fire Brigade, having access to their helicopters for quick access to any part of the Canyon.

To join up, contact our leader, Dr Khitasang on his necklink.

Khitasang - leader
Healer - handler
Eleonora - handler
((21 members altogether))

Re: The Common Good

Name: Khitasang
Position: Lead Physician