Topic: Da Vinci Fire Brigade

Name: Da Vinci Fire Brigade
Formed: 12.1.103
Organization: Hierarchical
Status: Active

Da Vinci Fire Brigade is a highly trained fire-fighting / rescue force. We're trained to assists in many different emergency situations ranging from fires to collapses and contamination crises. We utilize the fastest transportation methods available, to get anywhere within the Tower in a moment's notice.

In case of an emergency, don't hesitate to call us on the global emergency line.

We have high standards for our membership due to the dangers of our line of work. Good physical shape is paramount, as well as knowing the Tower inside and out. All of our members also know basic first aid. If you feel you're up to the task, contact Aleksei, our leader.

Aleksei - leader (MIA)
Olle - handler
Nicolette - handler
Kamala - leader
Mei (dead)
Royan (dead)
((27 members altogether))

Re: Da Vinci Fire Brigade

Name: Aleksei
Position: Fire Chief

Re: Da Vinci Fire Brigade

Name: Omer
Position: Firefighter

Re: Da Vinci Fire Brigade

Name: Kamala
Position: Fire Chief