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"A modern day online world of action, horror and intriguing conspiracies awaits"

I don't know much about this. I've just recently caught whiff of it, but the premise sounds intriguing, to say the least, and Funcom have a pretty damned good track record. The game is apparently based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, which means I will be trying it out. The premise seems to be the present world, but with hidden realities and occult truth. From many perspectives, this is an ideal setting for an MMORPG, and judging from the forums, they do have some inclinations towards that direction. Can we really hope that it will be great?

The press release.

The promo site.

The game fora.

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uh...lovecraft! cool!

Careful not to get your hopes up in regards to the "RP" part of mmorpg.... in my experince most newly announced games claim to be geared towards rp but as well all know most games are not... smile

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This is very true, but the way they've built up the hype around the game gives rather a lot of promise. It is certainly not aimed at button-bashers.

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The little information I read sounds nice, enough to be put on my games-to-watch list. At least the way how they announced the game was a good one.

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It's a little silly to post a link to a forum thread for a game that haven't even been released, yet, but I'm really amazed at the maturity and sense of the other forum haunters over at the TSW site.

This is a thread I started about RP.

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Any more concept art from the game? I really like the one posted here.


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I want to know more! Anything Lovecraft is interesting...

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Well, from what I heard, it's not directly based on Lovecraft's works, but heavily influenced by it. I've yet to see anything that describes actual gameplay, and the wire has been silent for a while. They're moving the production team fully over to TSW once AoC is rolling. Rumour has it there's a trailer coming later this year, but that's not really much of a thrill, in itself.

The Magician's Knob has the released concept art and screenshots up here.

I'll keep you posted if there are any notable developments. smile