Topic: Lore: animals and plants of Middle-Earth

Yeah, you wouldn't think, but Middle-Earth is full of animals that are not there for the kill, rather to enhance the immersion of the world. These are hares, foxes and rabbits, they don't jump at you, but run away if you scare them. Also, there are many different trees and flowers and other plants that are around.

If you like them or find them interesting, post them here.

Note:this is also a draft, if you don't like it or think it's totally a bad idea, tell me.

Re: Lore: animals and plants of Middle-Earth

What i like especially about the LoTRo enviroment is that not all "hostile" animals attack immediatly, they sometimes first growl at you in the hope of scaring you away.

ex: Tawny Bear outside Archet

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