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Alright, I don't know how many of you read it, but SOE decided to get some of the MMO market back from Blizzard, this _could_ mean good, but we all know SOE too damn well.

Anyway, they announced "The Agency", a super-agent MMO, which is just the next shooter in MMO cloak, and "Free Realms", where they want to change the fact, that the average MMO player is 32 year old man. They want to get it under 20 and for women, meaning there will be kitties, ponies, and stuff... all of wich is available trough mini-transactions.

So, here goes, "abandon all hope, ye who enter", 'couse SOE won't get any seriousness in it's next MMOs either.

You should take a look at the Agency video, some developers talk about the game, and even the "living world" words are being mentioned, but I have my opinion about that one.

Also, I couldn't find a normal news site in English that I could link in, only this:
(I mean the site is normal, but it's only about The Agency) … 828p1.html
(another link on The Agency)

Ah, and some on Free Realms: … tory=14275 … p;Itemid=2

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huh...what? did you just say kitties and ponies combined with 'super-agent' ?


Well, I guess they might make a sucessful(as in, a lot of people paying for it) game if they aim for a completly different group of people then the average mmo
That...or they might waste a lot of money.

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I think he meant the ponies and kitties are in a different game than the super-agents.

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yep, that's the case, but Oluf's solution would be interesting that's for sure.

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I blame the hangover...

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Well, the Agency looks like good, light-hearted fun, befitting light-hearted tongue-in-cheek RP. But maybe that's a good thing, so we don't get all the serious and boring wink It has a refreshing premise at least.

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I've also had a look at the Agency. I always fancied myself as 009!

I was thinking there might be some interesting RP opportunities and much plotting. Mwhahahaha!